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What is Holy Innocents’ Day or Innocent’s Day

I cringe when people would greet me Happy Innocent’s day because how can it be a happy day when you’re commemorating the massacre of the innocents? Just shows how ignorant some Catholics are on their faith. So to clear things up let me explain few things. December 27, 28 or 29 (depending on the church) […]

Milestones of a 4-Year Old

One of the most fun things about being a Mom is watching your child learn new things and become a person unique to everyone else. There are skills and development that are expected of a 4- year old and I want to make sure that my daughter is of at the same stage. I would […]

Happy 4th Birthday Peaches!

Yep my little miss is 4 today! Here’s her cute AVP for later 😀 Simple because I didn’t have time to look for a better AVP software but I hope she appreciates it when she’s older.

Quick Christmas Giveaway Idea: Ho-ho-holiday Treats from Mister Donut

It’s Christmas eve and here I am finishing last minute wrapping for the goodmen who keep our house safe day and night. I woke up today realizing I have not thought of giving our gallant security guards and housekeepers anything for Christmas. Lucky for me my husband got my instructions mixed up and brought the […]

Toy Baby Doll Cursing?!

I remember watching Hoda and KL on Today’s Show talking about a baby doll that says “CRAZY BITCH” and I was stunned. Some people think it’s a joke but NO, it’s not and it’s not even funny. And here’s another vid from Toys’ R Us in the US   I don’t know about you people […]

Finding Your Center During this Busy Season

During this busy time, remember that your actions and reactions influence those around you. Take the time to nurture your self; then you will have more to give to others. What is your favorite way to get back to your center: a cup of tea, a run, a conversation, yoga, reading, great music, hot bath, […]

So Many Things To Be Thankful Of

December is truly a blessing to hearts that are weary and souls that are longing for something- mine’s not an exemption. When I left for Europe, I felt that there was a need to reflect and search on answers that was not clear. When I came back I was refreshed and though I was thrown […]

Keep Your Eyesight Sharp

I have been using contact lenses for years but a couple of months ago, I decided to go back to old school eyeglasses because I had contracted a terrible eye infection and would not want to damage it further. I needed to do something about it since eyes is important for me to function well […]

One Proud Mom

While I was away on a trip to Europe, Peaches was given a nursery rhyme to recite at the last quarter of the school year. And Troy immediately started teaching her and reading the words to her. A week later, Peaches memorized the entire nursery rhyme!!! Her practice sheet starts on December 5, which asks […]