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Dream Honeymoon: Paris

2013 is a big year for us and it’s getting closer by day. It’s a year we plan to conceive for our next child and probably the last 🙂 This would mean we are going to travel less next year because of my pregnancy and the new baby but before it happens, we have planned […]

What Musical Instruments Did You Play?

You read my title right, it’s a DID. If you’re anything like myself, your parents must have enrolled you to at least one music class. I was given a private piano tutor when I was in Elementary. I remember my Mom buying me an organ so we can carry it around and play on Masses. […]

Setting Priorities Straight

It’s my last working day for the year and though I’m tempted to just throw my tasks away and sleep, play and rest along with my family, I simply can’t. I have businesses to help out and they’re family too. While I was furiously typing and working, my daughter and husband played: So funny listening […]

Keeping Your Focus

As a Work at Home Mom, your day can easily become busy to absolutely no time to pee kind of thing. But there are ways to avoid going crazy on your schedule. Here are things that I love to do to avoid crazy schedules on my day to day tasks:

Hey, Look Who Turned 5

  Our little princess turned 5 yesterday. Doing her AVP, I traveled back in time and could not believe how fast she’s grown and didn’t realize how big her milestones are. She’s lost so much weight and looked like she’s 12 and not 5. She also outgrew some baby songs and now, she’s singing more […]

Cat Freaks Alert: Ted & Peanut’s Faces

One day when we didn’t have anything good to do, we decided to shoot the cats. errr…as in take photos 🙂 How would you caption them cute pics? Ted #1 : Rolling   Ted #2 : Where’s the Tail?   Peanut #1 : Paint me like them French girls   Peanut #2: Where’s that darn […]

Get Unstuck! Galvanize Your Thoughts With Great Home Improvement Tips

Have you ever began a home improvement project and it became more that you ever anticipated? One option that many other homeowners use is hiring a temporary labor service crew. If you decide to do this with your next big project, make sure that there are no language issues. There should be at least one […]

Home Made Gifts

Are you done with your Christmas gif list? Me, almost. I got busy today prepping gifts for the guards and orderlies. I opted for a more personalized and home made gift for them. We made polvoron for them! I like making home made gifts for friends because it’s more personalized, cheaper and don’t have to […]

Self Reflections Before 2012 Ends and Welcoming 2013

My last post was about cleaning the house before the year ends and this time, it’s about my personal reflections. One of the questions from a personality check I did a few weeks ago was how introspect I am. Truthfully, I always calculate my actions and sometimes I tend to be a bit too critical […]

Cat Talk: We Entered Friskies Witty Kittes on Facebook

Hey’all, Our youngest kitty cat is on Facebook, yet again! But this time it’s not because of his mischievousness but because we entered him to a photo contest!   Will you be so kind to Like our entry and rate it? Like and Rate it here! 

Thinking of Re-designing Your Home For the New Year?

Even with the smallest amount of experience, you can beautify your home. Find plenty of inspiration from home magazines and design magazines from the local publishers. I usually make notes of during my bi-weekly pedicure time hehehe..But seriously,  you will find inspiration and knowledge from those and a very good opportunity to make use of an […]

Yes! There’s Hope in Humanity

I never really doubted it! For all of you who are feeling the holiday blues, I think this nice article about 26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year will lift your spirits up. Tell me what touched you the most!    

Cutting Electrical Costs and Conserving Energy

Energy is a basic commodity and every household in the PH consumes approximately 920 KwH a month. Gas prices are soaring and so are electricity costs. With the poor economy, everyone wants to squeeze every amount they can get in their peso. A few people do not see that one way of cutting costs can […]

Cleaning the House Before the Year Ends

Like most businesses, I like to do an inventory and thorough clean up on my house before the year ends. This is to remind me of the things I need to declutter, to giveaway and or replace. It also scares the hair out of my husband because I have a long list of things to […]

Work At Home: Perilous to Health?

I’ve been a WAHM for 5 years and my health has been in a downhill ever since but you know what, it’s not because I’m glued to my work most of the time but because I refused to let go and exercise. I am so driven to finish my tasks that I could not peel myself […]

Let’s Get Some Monday Laughs Shall We?

It started like any other Monday so my good husband showed me a website that made us laugh like crazehh. Here’s the site if you wish to have some laughs this crazy Monday mid afternoon!         There’s more at

Why Focusing On Your Marriage Is As Important

An article about love and marriage is bound to happen today. It’s our 5th Church wedding anniversary and I’m inspired to write a few things about what I’ve learned so far. I am no expert but I think that my psychology and my husband’s is something that we can share with other couples. We’ve been […]

Teaching Kids to Appreciate Music

When I was still pregnant, one of the earliest bonding moment with my daughter is to listen to all sorts of music, from classical to modern songs. I remember her responding to songs she particularly like at the time. At 4 years and 11 months, she’s into singing and dancing — a lot. She likes […]

Teaching Your Child The Value of Giving

Some of my fondest memories as a child growing up is the annual Christmas party that my parents host for the entire family of our helpers, service crew and bakers from my parents’ businesses. My Mom and Tatay prepare food, loot bags for the kids, goodies and bonuses for the wives and husbands and funny […]

The Accidental Cat Mom

I consider myself as an accidental cat Momma because for the longest time, I was a dog lover (hey, still am!) and I grew up surrounded by dogs of all sizes. It was my husband and my daughter who kept bugging me for a pet cat. I finally gave in after few months of pleading. […]