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Sleep and What Its Worth

For the past few days I was downed with nausea and a bad case of dizziness that whenever I stand the world feels and looks like its spinning on my feet. I didn’t consult any physician because I knew what I was doing wrong that had caused me to be sick for 3 consecutive days. […]

Know Which Blood Type You Can Receive and Who Can Receive Yours

We are advised to donate blood every 6 months to replenish our red blood cells with new ones. I used to donate 2x a year religiously when I was in College but lost track when I had my first job up until today. It would be good to get back on it and help save […]

How to Test If Mirror is Real or Two-way Mirror

We are aware that some hotels, boutiques, restrooms and other rooms have mirrors that are actually two-way mirrors wherein people can watch you from the other side. Be vigilant and don’t fall prey on people who take advantage of our innocence. Here’s how to check if the mirror you are using is a real mirror or […]

Exercise, Diet and Bonding with the Loves

Didn’t I tell you my husband is determined to cross lists on his New Year’s resolution? And one of which is to get fit and healthy. It’s not bad, just that I was obliged to go with him and be fit and healthy myself. So we successfully completed a 30-1 hr gym date for a […]

Ambi Pur’s Room Odor Eliminator: Not Approved

We’re continually in search of the best room aromatherapy or room odor eliminator and I am convinced that scented candles are the best to use. Though this of course is not as convenient to use because you deal with possible fire hazard, wax mess, etc. One grocery day, my husband was swayed by the sales […]

Home Organization: Ideas to Organize Your Home

When I started working from home, I didn’t have an assistant to help me with the house, my daughter (who was then a year and a half years old) and of course my job. It was a story of either an organized house but tired Mom or a house in disarray but well fed family […]

Travel and Then Back

My 2011 has been a great year for traveling, almost every month I was traveling. I was thankful for that because I have learned so much about myself, other culture and reconnected with my family. If there’s one thing that could describe how I feel about traveling and my realizations through my travels it is […]

Funny Anniversary Videoes

Wedding Anniversary dinner gone wrong! Watch and laugh. Or what about forgetting your anniversary? Now, THAT IS TROUBLE! Watch and laugh!

A Mommy’s Song to her Daughter

No other song (yet) best describes my love for my daughter other than Martina Mcbride’s In my Daughter’s Eyes. It goes like this:

Home-Made Roasted Chicken ala Renz

What’s Your No-Brainer Recipe? All Moms have those,yes? Mine’s a roasted herb chicken or roasted whatever-I-have-in-the-fridge chicken! It’s so easy to do, here’s how: 1. Take out your whole chicken out of the freezer to thaw. 2. Wash the chicken inside and out making sure water runs through and through on it’s cavity. 3. Place […]

Happy New Year My Dear Friends!

Pardon my absences because I was really in and out because of the holidays plus it was Peaches’ birthday the day after Christmas and my day just went from crazy to UNBELIEVABLE. I was juggling work, catching up with work, more work and did I say work? Anyway, now that I am slowly getting back […]