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Tribute To My Coach

Late this week, my tennis coach and trainer succumb to Liver Cancer. Before I knew he had it, our paths drifted apart because Coach pushed away people who cared about him. I would like to think this is because he didn’t want pity or become a burden to anyone.             […]

Green Smoothie Diet Week 1

Thanks to my friends who are so determined to go green this year, I’m also (finally!) on the road to eating healthier and living healthier. My husband and I are both working so hard (okay, he works harder than me) to loose x-pounds courtesy of our midnight snacks, unhealthy lunches and sedentary days. I’m happy […]

Conversations With A PreSchooler

If I were not a WAHM, I would not have  spur of the moment bonding moment with my daughter. Yesterday, I taught Peaches about loving trees and plants around us.  We were watching Dad’s plants and talking about how plants grow and how trees are important and should be given respect because they’ve been here […]

How To Simplify Work At Home Life With Kids

I always want to simplify life as much as possible and I apply this in my daily grind. I learned to prioritize and made my way through trial and errors to make my home life and work at home life as simple as it could be. Truthfully it’s different for every family so get what […]

Video: Super Fun and Creative Pregnancy & Birth Announcement

Have you seen the latest Youtube vid that has gone viral these past week? It’s too cute not to watch it 🙂 I wish I could be as artistic when our baby DJ comes out. Meanwhile, have fun! What a nice surprise at the end…

My First Raw Food Demo by Lakapati

Last Saturday I woke up early to prepare for a day of discovering the benefits of raw food and preparation. My good friend, Lakapati, started her plight to sustainable living and she’s such an inspiration to me that I know I just can’t miss her first ever raw food demo. My husband is becoming a […]

Dr. Suess’ The Lorax is Showing on March 14 In Manila

I can’t wait to watch Dr. Suess’ The Lorax which will be shown in theaters starting March 14. Peaches saw Lorax on Umagang Kay Ganda earlier and I know she’s going to enjoy the movie! Here’s the trailer:

Behind Every Successful WAHM is a Great Husband

When I decided I want to be a work at home Mom, I knew things will change in the house and in my relationship with my husband. I was determined to earn while at home and still be able to personally tend to my daughter and maintain the upkeep of our home. It wasn’t easy […]

Flowers and Plays

It’s a fact that she’s growing up and having her own likes and dislikes. I’m just happy that she still prefers me (and her Dad) above all things. I love that she gives me flowers from her way home from school. I love that she announces she’s home and looks for me immediately. I love […]

2012 Summer Activities for Kids in Manila

School’s almost over and it’s time to plan what the kids will do on summer! Just like last year, I compiled choices for your kid’s summer lessons, tutorials and fun events. If you think I missed something please leave a comment and I’ll add it on the list. SPORTS Bert Lozada Swim School – the […]

Watch Some Despicable Me 2 Trailer

Need a laugh? WATCH THIS! And the lyrics goes like: ba ba ba, ba banana. ba ba ba, ba banana. bananaaa potato-naaa. banana o oh. to karito potato rika, niba noda lika nodika. ba ba ba, ba banana. you,planubu, lapa nu du tu? ma banana-na lak a moupi ta na lu banana-naa ba ba. ba […]

How to Apply for a Work At Home Job?

I am writing this because of the recent development at work and I wanted to share a few tips on how to apply for a homebased position and let you in on what the employers are looking for. I’ve been working from home for 4 years and I’ve had my fair share of project application […]

Getting Lost and Finding The Way Again

When I was in Europe, my friend and I decided to explore Lourdes some more. I didn’t know that such adventure will teach me life lessons. Armed with the town’s map and a trusty camera, we were on our way. This adventure was triggered by the fact that the town where our hotel was located and where […]