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What’s Your WAHM Working Habits Like?

Yesterday I attended a super nice WAHM Workshop by DaintyMom and Manila Workshops and I have learned so much! In my 4 years of being a work at home Mom, you wouldn’t think I could still learn more in a day. It was great connecting with like minded Moms who are all shining at their […]

Practice Yoga For Better Focus

For some people, maintaining concentration and focus is not difficult mainly because their work makes it a necessity. But for many others, it may seem like an unbearable and impossible task to achieve. Ancient yogis have taught yoga as a means of enhancing focus and becoming one with the universe and with oneself – something […]

Precious Moments: The Art of Being a Mom

Going to work everyday, running a busy household and calculating expenses are part of a mom’s daily routine – and unfortunately, it can leave very little room for quality time with their children. “I leave the house very early in the morning to go to work, and when I get home in the evening, there […]

Quick Fix For A Sleepy WAHMie

There are those days that you can’t seem to jolt your senses even after a cup or two of caffeine and any more of that will either make you palpitate or knock you out completely. Today’s that day for me and I didn’t want to binge eat to brush the sleepiness away so I figured […]

What I Want To Have When I Own A House

Living in a shoebox  condo can be tiring at times especially when you want to have privacy or a minute of silence and your housemates  aren’t to sensitive with your growing irk with their too much yapping. Then there’s the problem with spaces between parts of the house which are too narrow that you can […]

Bra That Can Detect Breast Cancer

Are these for real? I read from an online article about this bra that claims to detect breast cancer when worn for 12 hours. If it’s even half true, it’s a great invention because if you don’t know yet, getting a breast Mammogram is one heck of a painful experience. And the fact that you’re […]

Crystal Clear Welcomes Slater Young

Slater Young’s winnings at ABS CBN’s top rated reality show, Pinoy Big Brother, included Crystal Clear products and franchise that Young can open in any area of his choice and is said to be worth 2 Million Pesos. Last October 15, 2012 Slater officially received his franchise and sealed the contract with Crystal Clear’s Asun Soler. The […]

Different Colors of Cancer

Did you know that there are different colors that represent each type of cancer? We’ve known PINK as a color for Breast cancer because of the awareness that has been brought to us by supportive Breast Cancer groups but I would also like to share that there are other types of Cancer and being aware […]

Is Lying to Kids Okay?

I want to believe that I’m not the only parent who lies to her child. Recently, my 4- year old daughter has a clearer view of what lying is  and I realized that it’s time to stop using “sweet” lies when I need to make her do something I want or just to shorten things […]

Cute Halloween Costume Ideas is a trusted online store for girls’ party dresses, little girl’s holiday dresses, Christening gowns and First Communion dresses too. They offer affordable, age-appropriate and high quality dresses for your daughters. In celebration of the Halloween, the Elitedresses staff came up with board inspirations for Moms like us to use flower girl dresses […]

BIR Officials And Their Extortion Exposed

For months my Tito & Tita were battling over BIR Officials from Davao, General Santos and Koronadal, South Cotabato. You would not believe how much they were asking for, a mere P120,566,986.38 to be exact. Who here can pay that big amount? Please raise your right foot. It’s insane! Here’s an official press release from the […]

Frabelle Frozen Goodies: Mom Approved

My little girl goes to school early which means I have to whip up breakfast and her snack box in a flash. She does not like eating the same baon within a week so I looked for an alternative on the usual hotdog and sweet ham brand that we buy and I’m super lucky to […]

Free Chronicles of Narnia Audio Book

I am a huge fan of CS Lewis especially his Chronicles of Narnia books. I’ve encourage Peaches to read more because reading has broaden my imagination and my general emotions. We do have our daily book readings but I thought I’d let her try podcasts and audiobooks. She’s ready for her first CS Lewis so I […]

Free Children’s Book at Amazon Kindle: Queen-a-Bella Finds a Best Friend

Title: Queen-a-Bella Finds a Best Friend Queen-a-Bella Finds a Best Friend click here to order Author: Lisl Fair ASIN: B009GK36B0