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Teaching Kids to Appreciate Music

When I was still pregnant, one of the earliest bonding moment with my daughter is to listen to all sorts of music, from classical to modern songs. I remember her responding to songs she particularly like at the time. At 4 years and 11 months, she’s into singing and dancing — a lot. She likes […]

Teaching Your Child The Value of Giving

Some of my fondest memories as a child growing up is the annual Christmas party that my parents host for the entire family of our helpers, service crew and bakers from my parents’ businesses. My Mom and Tatay prepare food, loot bags for the kids, goodies and bonuses for the wives and husbands and funny […]

The Accidental Cat Mom

I consider myself as an accidental cat Momma because for the longest time, I was a dog lover (hey, still am!) and I grew up surrounded by dogs of all sizes. It was my husband and my daughter who kept bugging me for a pet cat. I finally gave in after few months of pleading. […]

On Impromptu Family Bonding

My husband and I work along side each other everyday and we often get too busy with work that we rely on our care taker to look after our child. I know it’s not my ideal scenario but for really hectic days, I just resign to the fact that we do need help and we […]

What’s there to Love in Coffee?

Just about everyone loves a great cup of coffee. Coffee is considered an art form by many people in fact coffee shops embraced this idea and started putting “art” on their coffee.  For me, coffee is an essential part of my day. I feel energized and refreshed after taking my coffee dose. I used to […]

Downtime and Nourishment- Essential Mommy Needs

In one of the Mommy group in Facebook that I joined, there’s a lot of daily motivation and inspirations from fellow Moms and Work-at-home-Moms (WAHMs) but once in a while you can read a Mom’s rant or a post of despair. It’s alright because Moms have to wear many hats everyday and in each role, […]