Work At Home: Perilous to Health?

I’ve been a WAHM for 5 years and my health has been in a downhill ever since but you know what, it’s not because I’m glued to my work most of the time but because I refused to let go and exercise. I am so driven to finish my tasks that I could not peel myself away from work.

Then of course the horror comes. I am not feeling well the past week but it’s only until yesterday that I finally admitted something’s wrong and I need to do something about it. I tried cutting down things that bring me stress but as stress free as I am now, I can still feel the toll it has on my health.

Would you believe I’ve reached 140/100 yesterday?  Well, no wonder I felt like a ship wreck. My head was throbbing and I felt pain on my back radiating up my neck. Still, if it was not for my husband’s worried look, I wouldn’t have gotten up and joined him for a walk around the neighborhood.

Okay so the question, Being a Work at Home can be perilous to your health?

Only if you let it be- like what I did. I’ve become so cooped up with my career that I forgot how important health is. To be productive, you have to take care of yourself and be careful not to overwork and burn out.

Truthfully, I don’t feel burn out— mentally. It’s my body that refuses to move anymore. My eyes hurt and my back but I refuse to let up and still pushes through reports, strategies and marketing.

I don’t know but for me going to the gym isn’t really enticing at all! I’d rather play sports or walk than ride the bike in the gym- I hate those gym equipment with adjustable levers that people often bang after using.

So what to do to being a healthy and productive work at home Mom? 

Balance health and work. Note that it’s health and work, not work-life balance because there is NONE! But for health and work, there is. (okay, so I might be convincing myself too- but there is, I know there is)

I would sacrifice my 45 mins of Facebooking, Tweeting and Plurking for a time to walk around the neighborhood. Be vigilant of my caffeine intake and be strict with no-rice policy on lunches and dinners. I once said that I don’t need carbo to fuel me since my work doesn’t entail physical activities, I just need brain power which is true.

Do you have some ideas too? 

I really hope my parents and my OBGYNE does not read my blog lol.

In case you’re wondering, I am being “worked” on and watched on to prepare for my pregnancy next year. My husband and OB-GYNE are conniving.

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