Celebrating School Birthday Parties

It was somehow a last minute feat for me since the adviser didn’t say when the party would be until a few days ago.

The school didn’t allow cakes, ice cream, balloons and all those pretty stuff so it was just a very simple birthday party. I just ordered breakfast items from Mcdonalds and had it delivered at the school gate 🙂

The cake were kruffins from Krispy Kreme but the kids were pretty happy about it.

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We were not also allowed to give the kids loot bags which I don’t mind really because it’s less expense on our part heheee…

The kids from Peaches’ class had were really nice and happy about the party.

So a nice tip for Moms who plan to celebrate their child’s birthday at school, if you’re limited to a 30 minute recess time, go for breakfast items and skip spaghetti and chicken (unless it’s a nugget). Teachers and kids don’t like spaghetti at school because it’s messy and it’s hard to teach kids to be independent without messing their uniforms.




Fun Human candles! She turned 5 and then 29!

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