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Philippine Nurses Underpaid

I just had a harsh realization early today while nursing a terrible flu. My cousin is in town to take a licensing exam to be able to apply work in AbuDhabi. I was asking why he needed to work overseas when he’s already a Nursing Supervisor at a private hospital in the province, thinking he […]

Is It Safe To Let Kids Drink Hot Tea?

I’ve asked friends who are experts on eating and drinking right and they said it’s safe. One friend quipped, ” Heck, I’m giving my kids soda and it must be wayyy harmful than a cup of tea”. Hmm..that makes sense doesn’t it? Personally, I dislike any kind of soda. It hurts my throat when I […]

Changing Networks From Sun To Globe

I used to love Sun because they have the cheapest and most comprehensive plans. I use to have their unli call and text to all network + landline phone for under P1,000. Unfortunately I have to switch to Globe because Sun’s signal at out house is poor! It got to a point that I was […]

Exercise For The WAHMs

2013 it seems is the year of living healthier! All my timelines from my Social Media sites are mostly about eating healthy, exercise and diet. If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll also know that I have a love- hate relationship with diet and any strenuous activity. But I totally get that I need to be […]

Revisiting The Love For Dogs

I have a very cool client with a very cool B2C business and it’s about DOGS! Working with the client made me revisit childhood memories with our dogs. Growing up, I was surrounded by dogs of all sizes. With my parents’ business, guard dogs are essential for us. They kept us safe at night and […]

Usability For Development Organization Websites

Yay! Saw this bar from another development org. I was quite pleased that even human development organizations are aiming for their websites to be easy to use and friendly. I wonder if this site is using a Web To Print Software. I like their idea of “scavenger hunt” too. Zings the brain to participate because it […]

Screaming Kids Banned in a Mall

Wow, seriously? I have heard of restaurants in Singapore and some parts of the US were diners with kids are refused to be served or let in. There were also some who were brave and even posted a NO KIDS ALLOWED sign on their restaurant doors. But this one’s new to me…a mall intolerant of […]

Free Self Defense Workshop For Women

Ladies, it’s time to gear up and learn how to protect ourselves. The news are really alarming about women being raped, women battered, women held at gun point, women helpless. Let’s keep arm ourselves with knowledge on how we can protect ourselves without depending on someone else. Be safe and keep safe. One important thing […]

Bedroom and Home Office Revamp Soon

On the first week of April, my family and I will travel to the US for a much needed vacation with my parents. We’re taking the opportunity to revamp our bedroom, the little home office and our daughter’s room too. It’s very exciting! We have been living in a limited space because condos in the […]

Monday Inspiration for All Moms- WAHMs and SAHMs

Children’s Ultimate Bodyguards

Parents, This is a Press Release from Applabs Digital Studios Inc. and because it’s a Pinoy app they’re selling, I fully support them and I encourage that you do too!  Read what they have to say about their newest apps: Maddie and Matt Values, Maddie and Matt’s Happy Earth, and Maddie and Matt’s Safe World. *–*–* Parents […]

What Gifts To Give To Your Husband?

So your anniversary is coming or perhaps his birthday and you don’t have a clue on what to get for him. Last Christmas, I learned the hard way, how to think of the perfect present for my husband. We were on our separate ways buying Christmas presents for each other and I was really excited […]

WAHM Tips: Put the Big Rocks First

Do you ever have one of those days when the day isn’t enough to finish all that’s listed on your to-do list? When you feel like you don’t know what tasks or errands to do first because the list seems unending? Today, I hope I can give you an inspiration or a light bulb moment […]

I’m Turning 30 And I Know It!

Boy, don’t I know it! I’m constantly reminded everytime I look in the mirror. I’m reminded everytime I pick my daughter up. I’m reminded everytime I sit on the floor for too long playing  games with the cats or Peaches or all 3 of them. I am definitely reminded. So much has changed over the […]

Graphic Design and Web Development Skills

Of all the profile tests I took last year, none of them shows I’m artistic or creative with designs and structures. I am more of a text and word person rather than a create and design type. It’s one of the areas that I wanted to develop but I guess, being a graphic designer entails […]

How to Write Proper Format for the Philippine Phone Number in Paypal

Last night I was trying to sign up for a business account on Paypal and I had to try gazzillion times for the PH phone number. It was saying the format I used was invalid. Tried researching and found nothing useful. So if you’re facing the same conflict, use this format in Paypal: (+63) <space> […]

How Much Do You Tell Your Friends About Your Marriage Problems?

Ever since, I’m known to tell my best friends everything but when I got married, the first thing that my Mom taught me was: ‘Do not talk about your marital problems to your friends’. My Mom’s a wise woman, I tell you. So why shouldn’t we tell on our marital woes?   

How To Fix Deep Scratches on Wood Furniture

Sine Peanut came to us in August, our house has become a huge playground and scratch post. Our couch has been battered and our dining chairs had scratches everywhere. I tired researching how to fix the chairs but the suggestions I got were using US products that I’m sure are expensive here and I doubt […]

WAHM Resources: Turn Quotes to Images for Social Media Postings

Hey WAHMs, are you a Social Media manager/specialist? Here are really nice websites I found that you can use on your Social Media postings. 1. – Turn words into images! It’s free and so easy to use.   2. – works basically the same thing but it’s good to have 2 resources, isn’t it? Happy […]

Where to this Holy Week: Pilgrimage Tour in Laguna Churches

Where are you spending your Holy week? Last year, my family and I went to Bulacan and had a great experience visiting 7 churches all over Bulacan. At night, we watched the procession of life sized holy images in Malolos. It was a really interesting experience. Some photos from last year’s Holy Week in Bulacan […]