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2013 Summer Activities for Kids in Manila

SPORTS Bert Lozada Swim School – the schedules differ per location, call them up at 563-5532. – they have programs for infants to adults. – 2013 Summer Program starts on April 1. Click here to know how to enroll.    Milo Summer Sports Clinics – click here for schedules and venues  – click here for […]

WAHM JOB ALERT: Awesome Virtual Assistant Needed

I’m looking for an awesome Virtual Assistant that could work 8hrs/day NYC timezone (9PM-5AM PH time with 1hr lunch break) It’s a small real estate company in the US. The client is not computer savvy so you have to be in constant Skype or email communication with him. When a client has been “won”, the […]

Dedicating Family Hour – Spending Quality Time with Your Family

I have read and found something wonderful in Facebook (yes, sometimes I am skeptical about the thought of finding something really good in Facebook, but apparently there are some, a tiny bit. lol). This is something worth sharing because even I, a work at home dad – who should have more time with my family, […]

Will You Be Like Kate Winslet?

Being a parent is a huge responsibility and while I have my parents as my role model, I still look up to other people as my guiding stars when it comes to parenting. Today, I came across this wonderful photo by Kate Winslet discussing perhaps one of the most controversial issues in parenting- homosexuality. I […]

Growing Up Worries

I regularly get my routine dose of Cheezburger. Yes, I check this site many times a week because aside from the fact that I love cats, it is uplifting and it cheers me up all the time. Today I saw this, and even though I am a dad, it sent me a similar signal that […]

Hooray For Today!

No I’m not writing about McDonald’s famous line but quite literally about what my hoorah for today is. Despite the fact that my assistant is on leave today, I was able to meet all my deadlines and put smiles on my clients’ faces. I think I also did a lot of extra miles for their […]

Skinny is Not Healthy Just Like Fat is Not Unhealthy

I mean come on, how many fat people do you know that are healthier than you? The point here is that there are several reasons why people are over weight and not just because they over eat . There’s genetic and hormonal imbalance to name a few. So what does it take to be healthy […]

Renewing your Philippine Passort through different DFA Portals

When visiting other countries, one document that you cannot go without is a passport. It would be very much difficult getting out of a country without this travel document. A passport is a government issued identification document that will not only allow you to go places but also record each entry and exit you make […]

Touching Short Cartoon Clip: Changing Batteries

Before plunging in to a crazy Thursday, let’s watch a very touching but short cartoon clip. Their Facebook page:

How To Register A Business In The Philippines

We’re brewing a business plan that we hope we’ll be able to launch mid this year. I am so grateful I found this infographic on how Philippine businesses are registered.   Source: WAHM Manila Group in Facebook 

WAHM Job Alert: Cebu Based Writers, You Are Needed!

An Awesome Writer / Wordsmith For a rapidly growing E-commerce Company in the US If you are the type of person who loves words, and understands the why Woe is Me is a great title for a book about grammar, we need your help! Please apply. If your English is horrible, you are just a […]

WAHM Tips: What’s Your Work Space Necessities?

A way to become successful in any career path you choose is to create a work space that fosters creativity, brain power and energy. Today, I decided to write down necessities for my work at home work space. These are the things that should always be within reach so I can function well as a […]

Product Review: Human Heart Nature’s Tough Love Home Products

You are probably one of us Moms who want to keep the house clean no matter how crazy the day gets. You may even be like me who can’t think right when I see dirt or smudges. I have to get up and clean it— I just have to. If you want to read about […]

THE BAG WITH A TASK: BagsGo Reusable Bags

Press Release from BagsGo Reusable Bags I am posting this because I support all things that could help keep plastic out of our homes.  **** Let’s face it: we’re all scared of losing the only planet we have. Slowly, we are becoming more eco-aware, and we’re doing whatever small thing we can to save the […]

Pinay Mom Household Loves Anderson Cooper

We love Anderson! The silverfox is often seen and heard on our home every Tuesday-Saturday during his Anderson Cooper 360 stint on CNN. Below’s a fun clip of the Silverfox + a cat 🙂   Watch this:   Hope that gave your Saturday a boost!

Being a Work at Home Dad (WAHD)

Guest post by Troy Alcantara It might not still be conventional to hear or see a Work at Home Dad, but we are out there. Some chose to live in silence and a few choose to be always present in the worldwide web to promote either their advocacy or services. Some WAHDs own businesses stationed […]

Pinay Mommy ADreamer Has Been Hacked

Hey everyone, My blog has been hacked. It’s being recovered and patched to pieces so please stay tuned! Yes, my blog’s back to it’s normal state!