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Trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA

It was a great trip up Long Beach for an educational visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Everyone in my family (young and old) were very happy and satisfied with what we saw and learned from the Aquarium. We saw all sorts of jelly fishies- from small to HUGE sizes and those that had […]

US Trip Day 1

Hey everyone, sorry for intermittent blogging hiatus. Our days are crazy for the next two months as we are traveling around the West Coast and probably soon the East Coast too. We used Air China Airline for our Los Angeles trip simply because they’re the cheapest airline during the time we purchased the ticket. It […]

What’s Your Summer Activities?

Scorching heat, sweaty days and sunblock demands- we are definitely into Summer. Where’s your family heading and spending the 2013 Summer? I’m no fan of too much heat. I do like beach weather because of the breeze but not the heat we get around the Metro during Summertime so a US trip has been planned […]