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How I Treated My Acne

I’m not a beauty blogger and I don’t think I will ever be so please do not expect before and after photos since I don’t really take photos of myself when I have serious skin problems. In fact, I detest looking at photos that clearly capture my flaws. Instead, know few products that I’ve used […]

Ultimate Friendship Test by Carlsberg

Just for the record, I am not endorsing Carlsberg in this post. I do like their advertisement and I think you will too. Would you do this to your best friend? Even if I would and surely I could but my best friend would know me inside and out. He knows I don’t play poker […]

UP Tennis Court Fees

Once a week, I go to UP to play tennis with my hitting partner. If you’re like me who has been searching for a tennis court to play and pay for a hitting partner, UP tennis court is the perfect venue. There are 2 kinds of courts in UP, shell court and hard court. Though […]

SM Accessories As Endorsed by Fashionable Stars

Witness again the fashion authorities glammed up to the nines with their hand-picked pieces from SM Accessories. Fashion becomes versatile as Xian Lim, Georgina Wilson, Richard Gutierrez and Anne Curtis star in the SM Accessories for the third quarter. Ladies, take your pick from classic gold, grey and silver jewelry that match virtually any outfit […]

Missing Lolo Marco

Who says you’re only allowed to post old photos of yourself or your family and friends on Thursdays? #throwbackthrusdays #tbt as they hash tag it. I’ve been missing my Lolo (Mom’s side) today and couldn’t get him out of my head so I’m sending him love, prayer and gratitude all day long. When it felt […]

WAHM Tips: How To Do Search in Google Like A Pro

Here’s a very informative infographic I found which you can use while working for your clients. This is very helpful when you need to data mine or do challenging web research.

Cleaning Service for Ortigas Condominiums

Looking for an honest, trust worthy and reliable cleaner for your Ortigas condo? CMDA Cleaning Service is your best option. Click to know more!

Globe Telecom Recycling Phone Numbers

A few months ago, my husband and I were forced to switch our Sun postpaid account Globe because the signal inside our home was really terrible. My phone would show I have full signal but when you try calling it, it’ll say it’s out of service. Anyway, the issue I want to raise today is […]

What 9 Products You Can’t Live Without?

Let’s say you’re in a tight budget and you just need to buy 9 products for your family, what are those? This post is inspired by a question raised by my good friend, Kat and a post from Many of our friends responded rice and food to be their number 1 priority. You will […]

Indoor Games for Kids During Rainy Season

Let’s not keep our kids brooding inside our homes just because Mr. Sun is hiding. Engage your kids to participate on fun active plays even when staying indoors. Here are some fun indoor games you can play with your kids during rainy season which I got from Johnson & Johnsons: The Straw Game – Children […]

South Cotabato’s T’nalak Festival 2013 Schedule of Events

Being a true blooded South Cotabatoeña I am posting the schedule of events for the upcoming T’nalak Festival. T’nalak Festival is a colorful and most celebrated festival in the province of South Cotabato. T’nalak is the woven fabric that T’boli women are so famous of making. It’s unique and has become a world class fabric. […]

Strengthening the Link Between the Past and the Present with Bingo

In this day and age of iPads and Galaxy Tabs, parents have deviated away from the classic yet equally entertaining game of bingo. But more than the chance of winning tons of prizes, the lifeblood of the game runs deep in the roots of our family tree. Played fondly by millions of people worldwide, bingo […]

Family Ties, How Important It Is

From time to time, we go back to the happy memories that we’ve had when we were little.  We look back at things we do with our cousins, siblings and other extended family members. We look back because we try to recreate something that made us happy while growing up. I don’t claim to have […]