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Team Building in Manila

Today I had a fulfilling event at Sacred Heart Hospital in Malolos, Bulacan where my husband, myself and my mother in law facilitated a team building event of 60 employees both medical and non medical staff. Everyone had fun all day long and most importantly, the higher management was able to participate with the activity […]

What is The Pay Difference Between Regular Holiday and Special Holiday

Most WAHMs follow declared national regular holidays and special holidays but for most of us, we do not get paid during holidays. Except if it was stipulated in the contract. If you’re wondering what’s the pay difference between a regular holiday and special holiday, here’s a nice infographic I got from my plurk friend:   […]

How Often Do You Buy Your Kids Toys?

As a parent I am very curious on how often you buy your kids toys. I hear stories of parents going on a weekly trip to the toy store and their kids going home with a new loot every time. Then there are also grandparents who are known to spoil grandchildren. A family friend I […]

MU Philippines, I’m Back!

After long years of hiatus, Troy and I are back to our beloved MMORPG (multi media online role playing game), MU Philippines. I dug up my old blog posts about MU and here they are: Love at Cyber-sight…NOT? Fallen Knightress… Officially but in a haste (but not so) Fallen Knightress Part 2 A few weeks […]

Our Names Spelled in Baybayin

Today I came across a beautiful font that speaks of our country’s rich culture. It’s called Baybayin. If you want to know more about the Baybayin font, please visit the creator/artist  here. TROY     RENZ     PEACHES

Lessons From A Blessed Sunday

Today was spent with people I grew up with- Aunt who’s seen me all through the years, cousins who I love. My elder cousin recently finished a course of some sort on his local parish (Catholic) and he’s now part of a missionary group that goes around homes to preach the Bible. I feel happy […]

Baby Vision: Also A Not-So-Baby Monitor

For weeks now, our main parenting concern is one that has not bothered other parents so much: how to get our 5 year old child to sleep in her own room?  ( I even blogged about it here) Our daughter has tried all kinds of antics just to sleep with us at night.  We have […]

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The Day I Earned My Battle Scar

December 26, 2007 was the day that our lives had a 360 degrees turn and it was the day I earned my battle scar. After Christmas, our beautiful baby girl was born. I was pushing and trying for a normal delivery but my fate was otherwise. I had to undergo emergency Cesarean section due to […]

How To Teach Kids To Sleep On Their Own Room?

Here are some suggestions that you might find helpful if you’re like me struggling with your kid’s sleeping habit.

What’s Your Bathroom Like?

A client once told me that if you want to know how the company is being run or how your potential co-workers are, look at the office’s restroom. It should tell you a lot about the people using it and the people running it. I couldn’t agree more. My family and friends know how meticulous […]

How To Teach Kids To Recycle

Teaching Your Kid The Concept of Recycling For over a year, I’ve started to adjust my household to become eco-friendly and practice recycling as much as we can. I know that it has affected my daughter in a positive way because she started to say things like “Oh, we can recycle this!” or “Look Mom, […]