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Why It Was A Pain Commuting to Manila

When Erap and Isko Moreno were not seated in Manila governance, I am able to travel with ease from Ortigas to Manila and back. But when both of them decided to ban buses entering Manila without PROPER permits, chaos broke out. I think it has been 2-3 months since this new change has rolled out […]

A Magnet of Odd Pets

That’s what I said to my husband yesterday while we were both busy attending to our own businesses and the boys (our cats) were too hyped to care. It was indeed a hyper manic, rainy, yaya-less Monday. Let me tell you why I think we’re magnets of odd pets. Our first adopted furry son is […]

WAHM: SEO Cheat Sheet from SEOmoz Blog

Being an SEO practitioner for the past 5 years, I’ve used several 3rd party software to track, measure & analyze SEO efforts from clients I have worked with. SEOmoz is one of the most capable and reliable service that I have ever used. Here’s a very useful and helpful post from their Moz blog. It […]

When I Don’t Blog, I Must Be Reading

I was technically away the past few days because of the fantastic literary works that kept me busy. Books & Ebooks that has come my way has kept me away from my laptop over the weekend. It was my motivation to finish all my pending tasks so I can spend more time reading them. I […]

Krem-Top’s Change for the Better Campaign

Press Release    As part of Krem-Top’s Change for the Better campaign, Papa Jack, Krem-Top’s brand ambassador, awarded the Proud Pinoy Digital Contest winners last September 7, 2013 at Fleur De Lys in Quezon City. Krem-Top invited fans to submit photos showing how Proud Pinoys can help change the nation for the better. The winners […]

How To Choose Your Kid’s Godparents?

When our kids are born and the talks about baptism has started, we think of friends and family who are perfect to become our child’s godparents. Often we think of who are closest to us, though this is not a bad thing at all, we also need to consider few other things that I learned […]

Why We Love the Pinypon Toys

When Peaches turned 3, I introduced her to Lego and other building blocks but like most of her toys, she used them for a day or two and never touched them again. I guess because when the pieces were formed, she didn’t want to play with them anymore because they’re too small and for her […]

Friday Love: And The Hunt Continues

We’ve finally finished the tasks for our clients this week and declared our weekend as of 5 minutes ago! That means we’re on our hunting gears and our rucksacks are full of pots and potions.  Welp, our MU Philippines characters at least! I have 2 of them this time. My main character is again a […]

Workshop: Soaring with SOAR Framework

Being part of my husband’s brainchild, Pirkko & Troy Team Building Events, I want to bring more to the table by learning the ways deeper than what I currently have. My Mother In law who’s a consultant and an expert on Organization Development will be facilitating a 2-day workshop that will benefit any organization or […]

WAHM Workspace Ideas: Evolution of Workspaces

Ever since I became a work-at-home Mom, my first focus has been to create an ideal workspace because it is where the magic happens. And for most of us, we spend a good deal of time sitting, back hunched on our workspace– how big or small it may be. Over the years, I’ve evolved from […]

What Are The Simple Things That You Splurge On?

This post is inspired by one of the questions from Plurk raised by my good friend, Kat. The background of the question is, what are the simple things that you felt were inadequate while growing up so now that you’re earning, you splurge on it. Most of the answers are really interesting like, one friend […]