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Building Connection and Relationship Start at Home

As a family, it’s our main goal to bond and connect at least once a week. May it be a dinner at our favorite restaurant, a playdate at the park or as simple as staying at home and watching our favorite movie or cartoon (yes, my husband and I still enjoy watching cartoons with our […]

Super Foods for Pregnant Women

I’m on my second trimester and I’ve slightly gained back my appetite but I’m still very picky with the food I eat. I just weighed in today and I didn’t gain any since last month! I’m really worried but my OB kept telling me it should be fine since I do take  my vitamins and […]

Marriage: The Little Things In Between Matters Most

My husband has always been my best supporter, my rock and my great love. We were boyfriend and girlfriend for a long time, enough for him to shower me with cutesy and sweet gifts every chance he gets. There was the unending little and big surprises with hand written love letters and cards secretly tucked […]

Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

This post is inspired by an article by line I read from Facebook… It says, Babies ruin Bodies. I’m not sure what the article was about because I stopped reading and I was gagging (blame my hormones, will you?) Admittedly, I’m not one of the lucky ones who came out polished and spick and span […]

Out with the Old, In with the Clean: What Every Mom Should Know in 2014

Press Release from Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water Mommy Tips only from Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water  A new year marks a new start. Moms are often the ones most excited about the new season, as it signals another year of memories and milestones for their families. Make it your best year so far with […]

Our New Year Sailing with Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas

We had the nicest time during our New Year sailing with Mariner of the Seas. All 3,100 capacity of the ship was occupied but it didn’t feel crowded at all. I guess it’s because the ship itself is huge. It has 15 decks and absolutely amazing amenities that kids and adults a like will surely […]