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Tips In Getting DTI Business Name Registration

Business name registration is the first step in doing your business right. Here are few tips of my own when I registered my new business with DTI.  

Yaya Chronicles

If I’ve started them few months back, I would have created an entire book! Okay just to be clear, I’m not writing this to belittle anyone. I’m writing to share how funny our household helper could get. And how we just laugh it off. Scenario: Me teaching the helper to cook Troy’s favorite beef pares. […]

28 Weeks: Wiggly Baby in My Womb

I’m on my 28th week and our baby DJ has gone from gentle flutter to vigorous kicking and punching. Sometimes (mostly at night) I feel DJ shivering or shaking inside my tummy. At first it was really disconcerting because it was a new feeling for me. I didn’t have any when I was pregnant with […]

Cruises — The Ultimate Family Holiday?

Cruises may traditionally be a holiday choice for the older generations, but these days they’re becoming increasingly popular with families. The key to success is choosing the right ship and a liner that has a reputation for providing great family cruises packages, such as Celebrity Cruises. From kids’ clubs to children’s menus, here are some of […]

San Miguel Food Club Culinary Workshop For Kids

Are you looking for a culinary workshop for your kids this summer? San Miguel Food Club is having a culinary workshop for kids age 6-12 years old. There will be 2 batches and the schedule is as follows: Batch 1: April 21-23 Batch 2: April 29-30

What’s Your Family’s 2014 Summer Getaway?

I have a few fun summer activities slated for the family this year. I know I’m pregnant and about to explode but I feel fine and I feel like it shouldn’t stop anyone from having fun. Plus my little girl has been bugging me and her Dad for a beach getaway. So summer getaway it […]