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What Should Your Daughter Wear on Her First Gymnastic Class

I’ve seen lots of kids being brought to Club Gymnastica for a trial class on Gymnastics and at times I cringe on what the kids are wearing. The gym is quite hot because of the weather. Though there are few fans, it’s not enough to keep the kids (and the guardians) cool. So what to […]

Milo Sports Clinic: 2014 Summer Gymnastics Clinic at Club Gymnastica Pasig

What’s your child doing this summer? We’re not off to somewhere this year so I’ve slated summer activities for Peaches. The important thing when planning for your child’s summer activities is to ask her opinion. Does she want to do swimming or ballet? Does she want art classes or voice lessons? Be sure not to […]

Affordable and Quality Mommy & Baby Products for Pinay Moms- Baby World Products

Finally we know that DJ (in case you don’t know, the little bun in my tumtum is named DJ by our pretty Ate, Ate Peaches) is a girl! After 4 ultrasound, DJ finally showed she’s a girl! So it’s girl power in our house and Troy couldn’t be happier. We all are! So what follows […]

Kumon To Make Your Child Grade One Ready

Is it just me or most Moms are wondering how Grade One lessons these days are waaaayy out of our “old” Grade one lessons? Peaches is turning Grade 1 this coming school year and though I’m confident she’ll go through it with flying colors, I wanted to give her some push in advance. I opted […]