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Tmart Product Reviews: Tmart Water Glow LED 7 Colors Changing Lights Shower Head

In this crazy Philippine Summer weather, taking a bath several times a day is a necessity but for my little girl, she finds it a bit taxing since she has to be interrupted from her play or whatever activity she’s doing. So when a package from Tmart came yesterday, it’s just what we needed! A cool Tmart […]

So This Is Whats It’s Like To Be An Athlete’s Mom

Growing up, I’m a lawn tennis player, I played for our school, our town, and then our region. I started when I was around Peaches’ age, 6 years old. I’ve had lots of support from my parents who hired my personal coach. He was with me until I was in High School. There was a […]

Cord Blood Banking: Something Parents Should Think About

As if preparing for my scheduled CS isn’t making us go ga-ga, another offer landed on our plate last weekend. Our OB introduced us to Cord Blood Banking and advised us to know more about it and possibly consider availing. I have been hearing a lot about Cord Blood Banking for the past years and […]

Hospital Hunting for CS Delivery in Manila

A little over a month and our 2nd princess, DJ, will pop out. I know it seems like I’m a bit late in finding AND preparing for my delivery in terms of finding the right hospital to give birth. But as they say, better late than never. Our two top choices are The Medical City […]

My Experience with Posh Nails

I always make sure my toenails are flip flop ready! Que Horror to see pretty summer sandals with dirty toe nails….I’m sorry but it just is. So please ladies, make sure you keep your toe nails clean. At least clip it nicely. But if you want to be in for a treat and come out […]