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Get Your First Family Photo from Pampers

Your little one’s firsts are one of the most exciting part of having a baby! Capture each of these moments and keep them as these are real treasures that will never fade. Yes, literally, photos nowadays can be made waterproof and can be restored too! Thanks to the ever improving technology. Pampers is having series […]

Free Mumpreneur Workshop in Singapore

Aspiring entrepreneurs and mumpreneurs in Singapore are so lucky to be able to attend a FREE mumpreneur workshop by Chris Duncan. Chris Duncan is a business and life coach that helps women across the globe to start their businesses from home. He has really great tips and suggestions on how, where and when to start […]

Paranoia as a Drug Abuse Side Effect

Few days ago, my husband and I rescued my best friend as he showed signs of paranoia and hallucination in one of the hotels down South. In our more than 20 years of friendship, I knew this was coming. I have seen it coming, in fact. You should too if you know of a person whose […]

What I Learned When My Second Baby Was Born

June 9 was when my second daughter was born. With her, new realizations came to life. New journey began as a Mother, as a wife and as a family. A year after her birth and the terrible ordeal post birth and post surgery I have to go through, I have learned so many things. I […]

First Time Eyeglasses for Little Girls

For a few weeks now, my Mom’s been bugging me to bring Peaches to an Ophthalmologist to have her eye checked. I have mentioned Peaches squinting and it seems that she couldn’t read letters well. My Mom knew this scenario too well. I was the same age as Peaches when I was brought to the […]

Why Online Sellers Are Getting Tired of OLX PH

Most online sellers I know use the ads service of and everything’s peachy until recently when OLX PH started to roll out changes to their policies, website and ad regulations that took everyone by surprise. First problem: OLX PH removed their feedback feature where buyers can put their reviews on the transaction with the […]