Disappointed With Camella And Crown Asia (Review)

Last August 2015 our search for a new home ended when we saw this gorgeous blue house in Crown Asia’s Woodberry Heights. It’s one of the four model houses left for sale. I knew it was for us because it’s beautifully situated just across one of Assumption Antipolo’s gate. It’s just perfect for my girls.

We were promised that the entire house renovation and repairs will be done by end of May 2016. In time for my eldest’s school opening. They said that the broken split type aircon will be replaced too as this was part of the amount we paid for. And so the grueling process of owning a house happened.

March 2016, we had our loan released and the house is due for renovation.


Today, it’s June 24th and our house still looks like a mess. No kitchen sink, no working shower, ground floor looked like it has gone through house flipping. It’s just really so painful to see and tiring.


By this time all our household stuff and members are cramped in a two bedroom condominium, boxes everywhere, kids’ toys already packed and just plain chaos and disarray. To top it all, we have incurred unnecessary expenses because of Camella’s delay. They have moved the turnover date 5 times (and their 6th as I write this).

With a heavy heart, I have to leave my girls at my inlaws’ so my husband and I can look after what’s small renovation done at our house and run after the Engineer assigned to us. We bring our work with us and stress level is just super high.


My husband felt ill early today because of stress, lack of sleep and because he’s really tired driving to and fro Antipolo and Ortigas.


I am at the end of my wits and I cannot get hold of the Engineer anymore. Last we spoke he said they are having problems with our contractor. CRS Construction, the contractor, failed to deliver the materials needed for the renovation, failed to pay the workers properly hence they left. It’s frustrating because last month, we noticed no work has been done at our house at all and we reported it at Camella’s main office. The Engineer though assured us (at the time) that we were still right at the timeline. Clearly, we were not.

Next week, is the start of my daughter’s first day at a new school and Camella has given us no hope that Peaches is going to enjoy her first stay at her new home.


Now, if you ask me if it’s worth buying from Camella? My answer is NO.


So much incompetence from the administration, from the person who handles your account down to the Engineer. Imagine them accepting the bid of a company that CANNOT finance a house renovation? The broker who assisted us cannot help at all because Camella does not care.


It’s not as if the house is cheap. And they treat us like this.


It has been 3 months of house renovation. We have reached out to their management, upper management, area team leader but we have not gotten any good result…make that.. no result at all. They have known about the contractor’s financial issue, they should have acted early because they gave us the timeline to which we have agreed.

Beyond acceptable. I am beyond disappointed. I am angry. I am tired of being patient and kind. If only we can take our money back. If you’re a friend, don’t ever buy.


Update: June 30, 2016


Many are asking what happened to this story of our life.

As of this writing the house is 95% done just minor things like replacing the glass window they broke. The remaining 5% is the t&b on our 2nd floor where they had to remove all the tiles because there was a leak causing the water to run down through the room below it. AND their turnover deadline was again MOVED to next week, Wednesday.

So really, you tell me if our concerns were really addressed.


Personally, what they did after putting up my blog post was to calm us down and attempt to remove this post AND NOTHING ELSE. The coordination, the added workers, and other works they did ARE ALL THEIR OBLIGATION and nothing to appease us with the stress and anger that we felt towards them.


We thought it is fair to ask for JUST COMPENSATION after all the expenses we incurred, the hassle they all put us through, the delays and most of all the STRESS.

Yesterday we got word that our demand for the JUST COMPENSATION was disapproved by the admin and management. Outright disapproval.

Who will pay for the electric bill when they used a lot of machine when they worked on the house? Who will pay for the water bill when the workers and the Engineers left it leaking for days while they worked. Definitely not us.

We have not signed the acceptance document yet and we won’t until they clear things up. We’re pushing through with our complaint and will send it to HLURB.

Oh and by the way, the split type aircon? They NEVER bothered fixing it or replacing it with a new one. 

UPDATE: June 29, 2018 

I felt obliged to keep adding on this blog post because more and more complaints are posted on the comments section. I am appalled that a big company like Camella could stomach something like this. Are we too small to be neglected? Aren’t we homeowners who were promised this and that only to receive mediocre service?

So what has happened to us? 

October 2016, we finally signed the acceptance and turn over contract. But they failed to replace the broken aircon as promised. When we were chasing it, they said the accounting department did not approve it but days before they said the budget was already there and they were just waiting for it to be released. Dang it, we believed them once more without any signed papers.

So again, lesson learned- if you are being promised something… ask for an affidavit saying so. Have it signed!

Did we pursue the HLURB complaint? NO. It was useless. I was told HLURB will just mediate and I’ll just end up being frustrated even more. Welcome to the Philippines!

Since then, we’ve had to call a poso negro service to have our tank fixed because it was clogged. Remember this house we got was a model house. We had to remove the toilet bowl from one of the bathrooms upstairs because of a leak. We had to call the pest control because I’ve seen termite houses in the garden.

I’d like to tell you that even though this house was a “prime” property, some materials used were substandard. We had to change it/repair it.

Let me share my neighbors’ Camella homes horror story as well…

Okay, so remember our house is at a culdesac and we have 2 houses in our right and 2 houses in our left. So 4 model houses in total.

Camella Model house 2 (because 1 is us!) – The owner was working abroad and she has signed the acceptance paper when she realized that there was no provision for a kitchen inside the house. I SWEAR, I am not making this up. There was a tiny kitchen, yes. BUT no water line for the faucet. It would be easier for them to build a kitchen outside, which they did, at their own cost. The second floor bathroom was clogged and they had to wait for a week for the contractor to fix it. They were also promised with a new aircon, but until today, 2 years after… we’re still waiting.

Camella Model house 3 – The owner left this house after accepting it so she’s yet to find out the horrors.

Camella Model house 4– Bathroom leaking, toilet bowl broke, rainwater going inside from the kitchen door, promised with a new aircon but, guess what? 2 years after, no aircon still.

We’re just here trying our best to make our house a dream one as we go along because honestly, we don’t have much choice for now. We’ve spent A LOT on this house and this is all we’ve got so far.

Good thing my neighbors are great and my girls are so welcomed and at home.

About the author

Renz Mom to 2 beautiful girls, Peaches & Luzy. WAHM for 10 years and then I opened a small condo and office cleaning business. That's just the start. Follow me as I walk along my entrepreneurial journey. I hope you'll learn a thing or two from my experiences.

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  1. Hi there,
    I’m very sorry to hear this. I think this means Camella should be off our list.

  2. We live in a Vista Land property too and we also experienced some problems at our house but they have fixed it immediately naman. Maybe because naka preselling yung property namin and not ready for occupancy? Or baka dahil mas mabilis management dito? Nakaka sad naman yung nangyari sa inyo. I hope Camella will do something about it as soon as possible.

  3. Boo

  4. Almira Gamboa says:

    I had the same problem with camella. We had been diligently paying our dues for 3 years already and our house was supposed to be turned over last January 2016 but unfortunately the contractor assigned to us had a sudden financial problem and they were unable to deliver our unit on time. We had made several complains and spoke to few of their engineers who made countless promises but none of them had kept their word. Our calls and complains were ignored which left us truly devastated. Finally we had decided to send them a demand letter in which it is stated that if Camella would continously ignore our demand and complaints, we would reach out to media and seek for legal counsel. Unfortunately, we were once again ignored and we are left with no choice but to file a complain in HLURB as well as file for legal action. Needless to say whoever is planning to buy a house with Camella should avoid this unprofessional real estate developer as they are very incompetent and all the money you worked hard for will just go down the drain.

    • HI Almira,

      I am so sorry that you have to experience the same thing. I hope someone from Camella contact you soon and “man” up. What I found really helpful is coming to their admin office and file your complaints there.

      Admittedly, my husband caused a scene the last time we went because of the gravity of our situation. He really lost his patience and we felt that we really were taken for granted.

      Please let me know of any progress!

      • 11/25/16
        OMG my wife and I are going through the same our dream home is in Silang tagaytay . We have hired an attorney and will be in the Philippines in two weeks. I would like to collectively work with other people who have been scammed by Camella homes to help resolve this. Best regards Josef

        • Sir, were you able to solve your problem with Camella? Any update pls. I’m about to file a case against them as well. Thanks in advance.

        • Any updates on this one? I am also facing problem with them. It’s been 8 months since they turn over the unit but we can’t move in because the unit was still not approved from Bureau of Fire Protection. I am already stressed with this aside from the financial were facing because we are renting our house and can’t move in to our unit yet. I want to seek legal advice regarding this because they seem to just wanted me to wait till they got the appropriate permits necessary.

          • Oh no Rubie, it’s really really bad what has happened to you. It’s unbelievable that this is STILL happening! Imagine how many of us are out there!
            Did you sign the turn over paper?

          • NEHEMIAH L QUIJOTE says:

            The best way, as far as I know, is to write a Letter of Complaint addressed to your Regional HLURB, Office of the President and the Secretary of the HLURB. It’s worth a try.

  5. I am experiencing right now a same issue in Camella Dos Rios in cabuyao laguna,
    We put our down payment last May 2015 until now the house was not been finish yet
    The engr.can’t able to give our turnonver date and move in date . I can’t even sleep and
    Because of too much stress , Is anybody here know how to send a message to
    Cynthia Villar?

    • Hi Imelda,

      I tried writing at ALL of the portals that I could find to air out our frustrations but no one really cared. Except when a blogger friend saw my post and passed it on the one of the PRs of Camella. Someone called us and gave promises, yadah yadah yadah. Fast forward to today, we are still awaiting the A/C unit that came with our model house which was promised to us and we were assured (before buying the house) that it will be replaced.

  6. Same situation here..its been 3years also and we already filed our complaints to HLURB..what we are waiting now will be the hearing for the notice of mediation..we ask for a refund of 100%!we spot cash the equity/dp and the contract says that the construction will be 6-8mos after fuly paid the dp but unfortunately they failed to do so until we found out also that Camella Ozamiz just got the license to sell on may2016..

    • Anna Rivera says:

      naku mam, kami po di sinipot sa unang miting sa hlurb. tapos ang gagawin, gagalaw lang pag malapit na ang sked ng miting with hlurb para may mapresent sa inyo. kami 2015 pa naka file ang complain pero until now wala pa ring napagkakasunduan. hlurb’s hands are tight din naman. di rin sila nagdedesisyon. kaya mediation meeting kasi magmediate lang sila sa inyo ni camella.

    • Almost same pla na exp nmin sa Camella Provence.Ang kaibhan lng ang dp nmin is payable ng 16months.Ntpos nmin,pero indi n proceed ang bank financing kasi wla maipresent ang Camella sa bank pra masure ang construction.So ngbbyad prin kmi sa camella with monthly interest n.almost 1yr n this april.Very sad wla prin construction.Wlang sure kung kelan.nkkpgod n dn mgpunta punta sa offce nla.gnon p dn nman ang ssbihin.

    • It’s wouferdnl to have you on our side, haha!

  7. 11/25/16
    OMG my wife and I are going through the same our dream home is in Silang tagaytay . We have hired an attorney and will be in the Philippines in two weeks. I would like to collectively work with other people who have been scammed by Camella homes to help resolve this. Best regards Josef

  8. Same with us..Indi nla ma sure kelan start ng construction,.Pero nung kukuha k plang ang gagaling mgsbi ng date kelan iistart..So what we are doing now is,paying..paying…paying at nganga kelan nla ggwin ang bhay.Sana maisip nman nla n pinaghihirapan ntn ang bnbyad d2..

  9. Feb 13/2017 Present issue in Camella Baliwag Bulacan Contract Price didn’t follow instead asking us to pay additional amount for Balcony and carpark.Administration emailed us that they made mistake on the contract price.This is rediculous.I hope they will resolve this matter.

  10. Anna Rivera says:

    im also living in camella baliwag. and we have an ongoing issue with the 13sqm na di mabakuran ng camella dahil sa mga private people na nasa likod namin na ipinipilit na sinsakop nila ang ndi sa kanila. there is an alleged lan dispute on it kaya mukhang squatter and permiter fence ng likod ng house namin. tapos ang security napaka linient. nung nanakawan kami ng bike walang ginawa ang mga guard kundi gumawa ng written document tapos, tapos na. nung we asked who would be liable to any theft incident sa loob ng subdivision sabi nila wala raw kasi di naman daw mababantayan ang bawat bahay. ang sabi pa dapat daw sinisinop namin ang gamit namin. sinisi pa na wala kaming bakod to think na kaya di mabakuran is dahil may land dispute pa sa likod. tapos nagreklamo kami sa water dahil amoy kanal ang water pag unang bukas sa madaling araw. hanggang ngayon wala pa ring result. ang pool kahit home owners pinagbabayad pa para daw sa maintenance ng pool. ang clubhouse may discount pero u need to pay a deposit bond na 2k additional dun sa rent fee. nakakaloka di ba.

    • Omg! After reading all the complaints, it makes me sick!!! I am going through the same issues like everyone else right now.Last year, I purchased a 5.2mil Fatima at Balanga, Bataan ( next to Vista Mall ). Tapos Na po Yung bahay few months ago pero Hindi pa po Na turn over saken dahil I refuse to sign anything. From my agent, to marketing, admin, engineer lahat po is so incompetent Na parang kausap mo ay bata. I was so disappointed when I saw the finish product of my house. Talagang napaka cheap po Ng gawa Ng bahay at ang Dami Ng Dapat I repair. I went back to camella and complain so many times but it is so frustrating because they move slower than snail. Ako pa po ang nag follow up Sa kanila. They lied so many times saying Na ni rerepair pero Hindi pa pala. Talagang ma high blood Ka dealing with so many uncompetent employees of Camella. I should have my research before buying but I didn’t. Until now, they barely started with the repair but Yung repair is still “palpak”. Ang agent Ko si Jaypee Del Mundo at Admin si Janine Perpetua. Both incompetent! Yung Engineer Roy. When I inspected the house, palpak lahat Ng gawa pero pasado Sa engineer. I don’t know what kind of engineer camella hires but for me this engineer is also palpak.
      I stop and refuse to make payments for my amortization to BDO, mag 3 months Na. I told them if camella does not comply with my request, I will not make any payments and will seek legal actions. My contact Sa BDO is coordinating with Camella. I am hoping that we can come to a better agreement soon.
      Lesson learned: have someone monitor your house during construction
      Understand the layout your signing kc po Yung binili Ko may firewall Na idinikit Talaga Nila Sa next house Na parang naging town home. I tried to fight it but they told me I signed the layout . Even my agent inamin Na Hindi nya Rin Alam Na may firewall Yung bahay Ko. So stupid!!! Pero wala po cla but I signed the lay out. So… be careful po what you’re signing kc they will use it against you.
      I highly recommend wag po kau bibili Ng bahay Sa Camella. Bababuyin ang bahay mo sa quality Ng gawa. Be careful ! Stay out of Camella Homes!!! Hindi poworth it ang bahay at headaches!

      • Naku buti nlng nkita q mga negative comments d2, I will not include this camella homes s mga prospect nming bibilhing hauz.
        Thank u s mga story n na experience nyo.

  11. And I thought that we were just the one who is having a problem with this company.

    Our house was delayed for over 9 months now. Even talking to the current COO, Ms. Leni, wont do good. I find it hard that she became a COO on the first place.

    Most frustrating is how they treat their customers. We are always the one asking for update. They are not, in any way, customer oriented.

    I just hope the house is OK during the punch listing. God only knows where my punch will land if not.

    • Hi Jomar,

      I totally understand you! I was so frustrated that I had to write to the contact us page of the Manny Villar website LOL. That didn’t go anywhere though.
      I hope you get yours sorted out soon.
      Speak with the workers because sometimes, they have all the details why it’s being delayed.

  12. Same here in Camella Bacolod! Very poor customer service(rude and unprofessional office workers), construction for over 8 months already! Looooong wait and nobody even bothered to update us of our status. We needed to visit their office again and again just to be attended by unporfessional peple 🙁 We really regret our decision in choosing Camella.

  13. Camella has been the cause of my stress since 2014. I booked Carmela (in camella altea) last March 2014. I finished my DP in June 2015. On the same year, BPI conditionally approved my loan. Conditional since they needed some documents from Camella before they finalize the approval. Genevieve, my Account officer at that time, promised to coordinate with the bank, but she never did. She never coordinated with me either. From 2015 to 2016, I never heard from any of their staff. Then came 2016. I got tired of sending them emails (I was in Bicol most of the time so I couldn’t visit their office). Someone from Camella emailed me that a new Account officer was assigned to me (Genevieve was transferred to another account). That time, I learned that the house was already completed. Again, I apply for a housing loan in the bank. Again, I receive no reply from my Account officer. After a few months, a new account officer was assigned to me. Just the same, she didn’t coordinate with me. Fast forward. Recently, I signed the contract with PNB. We are close to completing everything but still, no email, no notice, no phone calls from Camella. Btw, a new account officer was assigned to me. Hulaan nyo kung sino? It’s Genevieve! Argh! Good luck to us!

    • It’s sad to hear all these horror stories and realize that we are all at the losing end here because we pay for everything and we get mediocre service and end result.

  14. Pauleen says:


  15. Naku same story dito naman kami sa Tanza Cavite nagstart kami magbayad ng DP 2014 at natapos kami ng 2015 at tuloy- tuloy na kaming nagbabayd ng aming MA until now wala parin kaming sched ng turn over ilang buwang n akong pabalikbaliks sa office nila sa Alabang punta sa site but still walang action na ginagawa ang Camella at ngayon na malapit na ang pasukan need na naming makalipat at naenroll ko n anak ko sa Tanza wala paring balita galing sa kanila nkakapagod at nkakaubos ng pasensya ang Camella pano nalang kami eh pasukan n 1st week ng June at hanggang katapusan nalang kami dito sa inuupahan naming bahay.Mamaya pupuntahan ko uli sa site at pag wala paring nangyayari sa bahay gusto ko na sanang makarating ito sa media mapatulfo o d kaya ay sa ABS ung maging Tapat na po.Nkakastress sila sobra.Baka naman matulungan ninyo ako mapaTV itong kawalang asikaso ng Camella sa mga client nila.Thanks

  16. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE. NEVER NEVER PAY THEM ANYTHING UNTIL THE HOUSE IS DONE DO NOT LET THE BANK RELEASE FUNDS UNTIL THEY HAVE DELIVERED ON ALL OF THEIR PROMISES. . I wonder if the bank is in on the scamm also. Remember, you are a customer, don’t let them tell you how the cash disbursement will work, YOU TELL THEM. It’s your money. The bank wants to make you think that they are doing you a favor by loaning the money. DONT FALL FOR THAT. It’s a Business transaction. Remember whoever is holding your money is calling the shots.

  17. Des Santos says:

    Hi kamusta na po yung tubig sa Camella Baliwag? Talaga po bang may nananakawan pa rin kahit ang higpit na ng security? Nag iisip po kasi kami na bumili ng unit dyan. Thanks po

  18. Any update on this? Gusto ko din sanang ishare ang horror story namin but iniisip ko pa lang na sstress na ako. May minor repairs din sa unit namin pero mamaya pa mag 1 year na hindi pa din ginagawa. I was wondering bakit ang babata ng mga engineer ni.Camella. We availed a rowhouse at Batangas last time I check hindi ma.approve ang linya ng kuryente namin dahil ang quality ng bahay e hindi pasado sa City Engineers Office at sa Fire Protection. Hindi kami makamove in dahil sa issue na yun hindi kami makapagrenovate ng bahay. That was last 2017 pa. 2018 na ngayon at andun pa din ang poor quality ng pinto namin, ang nayuping jalousy sa upper floor, ang maling kabit ng lock ng sliding window. It was minor pero were talking about QUALITY home here pero ended up Poor Quality at the expense of our pockets. A dream home was devastated.

    • Hi there,

      So sorry to hear that you’ve been a victim of Camella also. To give you an update… NO, we never got the Aircon that was PROMISED to us and WHAT WAS DUE to us. And what can we do? This is why I don’t support Villars anymore because ultimately, that’s where I can at least get back from what their business has done to my family.

      • Hello,
        It’s good that I get to read all of these as a prospective buyer but it’s sad that you have to experience that. I’m interested to know, since no one seems to recommend Camella from this trail, anong recommended niyo instead na developer say sa Bulacan area?

        • Camella has increased its development simply because they have the capital to do so and I think the upper management does not address issues like this immediately and they can afford to look the other way just because people are still forced to buy from them due to lack of other developers in most areas.
          Just do your research and always be in communication with your Engineer and the contractors working in your house (talk to them and get the real details from them).

      • It’s July already and wala pa ding nabago sa complaints ko. I am having stress problems na. Should I seek an attorney for this matter para makuha na namin yung papers na binibinbin nila? I do not what to do. From what I read kahit sa HLURB mediation lang gagawin kahit magfile ako ng formal complaint regarding this. Please enlighten me. I also called BDO but wala daw silang magagawa since maganda daw record ko sa kanila dahil paying ako all they can do is to talk to account officer na tumawag ako sa kanila. Ang balak ko kasi sana ay wag magrelease ng funds kay BDO but yun nga, mukang record ko ang mapapasama. Gusto ko ng ipa TULFO ito sa sobrang stress ko.

        • I feel you! We were so stressed din nung time namin kasi enrolled na yung anak ko sa new school and wala pa kami matirhan. Wala lang ako kakilala na lawyer who will help me through it eh 🙁

          ALSO, a Camella representative (via a fellow blogger) reached out and promised everything. PERO wala naman nangyari.

  19. nakaka stress ang services sa Camella! ang tagal nila mag turn over pinapaasa lang mga buyers and napaka inconsistent nilang kausap! pasa pasa labg ginagawa nila sa mga staff. tatawagan mo ndi nasagot! worst!

  20. Zynthia says:

    Yes, you were right. We have the same observation. Ang babata ng mga engineers nila. I call them practicumers. Hindi pa professional makiharap sa client. Kaya palpak ang mga plano ng bahay. May 2017 bayad ko na ang full DP ko. Tinakbuhan ng unang contractor nadelay ng nadelay. Weekly kung binibisita ang Camella Solamente. Hanggang nagsawa na ako. Ang main concern ko is my carport. Grabe ang taas kahit trak di kayang umakyat. Ayaw na nilang gawan ng paraan yung septic tank na pagkataas taas. Hindi na raw nila pwedeng gawin, pero kung kami ang gagalaw ok lang daw. Wala pa ring balita sa turn over namin. Dapat pala hindi ko muna pinabayaran sa BDO. 4th month na akong nagbabayad ng monthly amort. Ang tatamis ng dila pag nagbebenta. I happened to see Manny Villar sa Vista Mall Sta Rosa. Sa sobrang inis ko gusto ko sanang tanungin kong nakikialam pa ba sya sa mga projects nya?! Nakakadismaya! Hindi porket low cost housing e low cost na rin ang quality ng serbisyo nila. Laging walang alam ang mga tao sa admin. Pag nag follow up ka ikaw pa ang magbibigay ng update sa kanila. Nakaka HB!

    • It’s so bad that you have to go through all these things. Same story. I wonder if Manny Villar or his kids even know these complaints! I bet they have all these savvy marketing executives and operations managers who sweet talk them all the time.

      I really wish he’d hear/read us!

    • Ms Zynthia sa Camella Solamente ka din ba? Can we talk to each other regarding this matter? Sa Camella Solamente din kasi ako kumuha.

      • Stargazer says:

        Hello, I am also a unit owner sa Camella Solamente. Same stress I’ve been going through with the Camella Homes. Nrelease na ng bank ang loan sakanila since Nov 2017, and until now wala pang nangyayari sa bahay namin! It’s almost been a year na! Pag nagfollow up ka sakanila, sobrang tagal ng response, mga once a month lang. Namove ng namove ang completion date confirmed nila with us. Nakaka inis. lahat ng plans ko back to PH (OFW here, btw) are based on the confirmed dates nila sakin dati! Nakaka disappoint talaga.

  21. Rosechelle Hinal says:

    how about in camella sto. tomas, any issues too? planning po kc nmin kumuha.

  22. It begins as a dream and now turning into nightmare. Kuwento ko lang pinagdadaanan namin ngaun sa Camella.

    We were enticed by an agent si Ate Mel to buy a property from camella. Wala naman problema duon maayos naman si agent, nagrereply sa mga texts, maasikaso, maayos kausap in short.

    After that we did contract signing the usual process and begin paying our monthly downpayment. We paid diligently on time without fail and applied for a loan as early as August 2017 ganun kami ka excited. Our account officer sorry pero magnaname drop nako so you can verify my story nabubully kasi yung iba na hindi daw totoo kuwento nila. So ituloy ko na our account officer Ms. MARY ROSE CITRON called me sa cellphone September and October 2017 asking kung naayos na loan and I said it is on process na. The bank then called me and said they will only release the loan after atleast 30% completion of the project. I visited the site wala ako nakita damo lang so I reported it to the account oficer nagulat din siya at iproritize daw nila. True enough by November 30% completed na yung bahay, ang bilis diba? Come December 2017 our loan was released we then went to star mall to sign some documents. We started paying our loan January 2018.

    That was the last time we heard from our account officer or anybody from Camella Homes. Wala na kami narinig sa kanila after paying them the whole amount worth almost 8 MILLION PESOS.

    So eto na yung nightmare part ng story. We visited the site March 2018, no improvement, no workers on site. So natural nagulat kami, I went to starmall to ask about the situation sabi matatapos daw nila in 2-3 months. We patiently waited until June 2018 and returned to the site, lo and behold… No improvement tengga pa din sa 30%, I went to starmall again ang sabi matatapos dw in 2-3 months… I know right parang deja vu lang diba? So kinabahan na ako at nagbasa-basa about Camella Homes, I was overwhelmed sa dami ng complaints sa kanila! I am also not an isolated case na delayed turn-over madami kami! What I learned sa mga nabasa ko e dapat meron ako proof sa mga sinasabi nila hindi pwede na verbal lang kasi babaliktarin ka nila in the end.

    Come September 2018, 9 months after paying them almost 8 MILLION HARD EARNED PESOS which we will continue to pay sa bank hanggang sa 20 years nang buhay naming pamilya wala pa din improvement! Tinubuan na nang talahib yung loob ng bahay, nilumot na ang pader, kinalawang na din ang mga bakal. I went to starmall again, same story this time nga lang hindi na 2-3 months ang kuwento, 50% by end of September naman. To have evidence this time as if kailangan ko pa sa tagal ng delay ng turn-over na sobrang obvious naman na at this point diba? I emailed the account officer, MS. MARY ROSE CITRON and the engineer, MR. VIEL RIMANDO asking for an explation and timeline for construction and expected turn-over date. Hulaan nyo kung anu nangyari… No reply from both of them as in dead ma. I waited for a week after nun I emailed again and told them that I’m already contemplating to seek legal counsel if they will continue to ignore me. Ayun nagreply bigla si account officer na itatanong daw nya sa engineer kung bakit hindi ginagawa yung bahay namin this time pinasa concern ko kila Mr. VIEL RIMANDO, MR. HONEYBOY CATALAN, MS. MARY ARCILYN ELISEO. This was last week up to this day wala pa din ako nakukuha reply ni isa sa kanila so bukas pupunta nanaman uli ako sa starmall para magmakaawa sa kanila na tapusin na ang bahay namin na patuloy naming binabayaran sa bangko buwan buwan pero hindi pa namin natitirhan. Hindi man lang nila gawin kahit paunti unti meron lang kami makitang improvement kahit panu.

    Pumunta uli ako sa site kanina nakakapanlumo wala pa din ni isang taong gumagawa ganun pa din mula nang iwan nila pagkatapos makuha bayad sa bangko. Kung gusto nyo nang abala at sakit sa ulo bili na sa Camella.

    • Hi there,
      I can feel your frustration. There really is no way of knowing all these until your final down payment or the loan has been released because then, they (the developer) can afford to let you go and do the leg work. I do not recommend anyone to buy from Camella as well. If they have the money, invest somewhere else. Go for a different developer or ask for signed contracts every single step.
      Ask for a signed waiver that they will finish this and that, and state a clear compensation should they not meet the deadline.

      It’s really frustrating.


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