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I’m Renz, author and owner of Pinay Mompreneur.

Working from home has been my bread and butter for 11 years. Helping businesses across the globe attain their success. I have made a career as an online business manager. I am currently the operations manager of a successful online publishing media company and at the same time President of my own small business.

I’m  a self taught Search Engine Optimization Specialist and that’s how I started my passion in helping micro to small online businesses propel and grow. I have extensive experience with E-commerce, Email marketing, Online courses and coaching.

After which, I found that I needed to create success in my own ventures as well. Today, I am the owner of a leading cleaning service in Manila, CMDA Cleaning Services.

Follow me as I post about my entrepreneurial journey here.

Although I do all of the writing, my inspiration comes from my husband and daughters. It’s with them that I learn so much about being a mother, a friend, a teacher and just being a plain person.  As the MIC (Mom  In Charge) my time is spent raising my children, 11 years old and 4 years old (plus two feline sons and a dog!),  running my small cleaning business, working online, taking care of our home and sometimes squeezing in company invitations for product launching and promotions.

When not working or busy with household chores, I like to read- a lot. I love my ebooks and more, my physical hardbound and soft bound books.


Troy – The Dad is a non practicing Registered Medical Techonologist and a travel mentor by profession, he is the director of their family business, Pirkko & Troy Tours. He’s also handling the team building, incentive and corporate department of the company.

We are both online workers and we help each other out when demands of our respective works are too much. We both enjoy working from home because we’re able to enjoy the most important things in life, being with our daughters.  He’s a great father, husband, friend and provider. Peaches, Luzy and I are such lucky girls to have him 🙂

Peaches– Our pretty 10-year old known for being friendly and well loved girl. Our Ate is super loving and caring to her sister and furr brothers.

Luzy – our second princess is showering us with lots of sweetness, energy and so much light.

Ted – our son who purrs and scratches. We rescued Teddy boy (my pet name for him) from PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) and in a matter of 1 day he relaxed and blended well with our family. Unfortunately, Ted is now in cat heaven and we miss him every day!

Peanut- now the oldest furry son whom Troy & Peaches rescued from the streets. It’s been 6 years since he was rescued and became part of our family.

Julio– an energetic ball that loves to go out wandering around the village and comes home for pet duties on certain times of the day.

Fuzzy – a 2 year old mix of Lab and Chow who thinks he’s still a baby.

I’ll let you in on a few facts about moi:

  • Born and raised in Southern Mindanao
  • Born a Catholic and will die a Catholic
  • Applies Family First Principle at all times 
  • Big Dreamer and sees things differently

MY SOCIAL NETWORK CIRCLES– stalk me if you want!  ·


I write where the wind takes me but the majority of topics here are family friendly discussions mostly about my family’s daily adventures and misadventures, my parenting style, kids’ health, women’s health and my work-at-home tips and tricks. Above all, I like writing about my learning and challenges being a Mompreneur. I hope that aspiring Mompreneurs  will be able to learn from them.

I also enjoy sharing my thoughts and opinions of the newest products to hit the market and good old fashioned favorites that are tried and tested. I consider myself a very brand loyal shopper but I’m always open to new experiences and products.


I consider myself to be an honest person and never attempt to deceive readers in my writing. I do accept monetary payment for service reviews, product samples for review and monetary compensation for advertisements. Product reviews contain information supplied by the sponsoring company, my personal opinion and detailed use of the product. I strive to write balanced reviews that will provide features me and my family enjoy and features that could use improvement. I AM PAID FOR MY HONEST OPINION AND NOT FOR A PAID OPINION.


I carefully select brands for product reviews. I usually do not accept brands that I have tried before and had bad experiences. I will not force myself to review something that I do not believe in. Each review will include detailed usage experiences (tips!tips!) and personal photos. To have your product or service tested and thoroughly reviewed a full size, non-returnable sample must be provided in order to give readers an accurate and honest review.  For details please email me directly at renzalcantara[at]gmail [dot] com


In my blog’s side bar is an area for MOMMY APPROVED BRANDS and I post brand logos my family and I use. It doe not necessarily mean that it’s a paid ad. Banner ad placement is available upon request; I however only advertise products I believe in and use. Contact renzalcantara[at]gmail [dot] com directly for advertising rates.


I do attend brand and blogger conferences (if I have the time and if the product deserves it) to learn more about various companies (and their products and services) so I can share my thoughts and experiences with my readers. Should you request my attendance, please email me at renzalcantara[at]gmail [dot] com


QUESTIONS? Let’s talk! 

I prefer to be contacted thru my email at renzalcantara[at]gmail [dot] com

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