Mompreneur Interview Series by Pinay Mompreneur

Becoming a Mompreneur is the best decision I have made in my life, I hope you feel the same too. Would you agree that though it’s very rewarding, it could get you feeling stuck and unmotivated sometimes? To help us get through that, whether you’re just planning to start your own business or you’re already […]

Tips In Getting DTI Business Name Registration

Business name registration is the first step in doing your business right. Here are few tips of my own when I registered my new business with DTI.  

Free Seminar for Entrepreneur from DTI Philippines

I’m in the process of acquiring license and registration for my new business and I chanced upon a very helpful FREE training/workshop from DTI. It’s about business taxation for SMEs and it will be held at 5F Trade and Industry Building, Buendia, Makati City (beside Petron Station) and it is on February 18, 2014 at […]

Putting the Mom in Work-At-Home-Mom

Working from Home is a blessing. It’s an opportunity that not everyone else could have. But working from home can also be taxing especially when motherly duties are demanded from you. In all of my clients, I always maintain that I’m a WAHM and it means my schedule can vary since I put the MOM […]

12 Things You Need To Do To Stay Inspired

It was one of the most hectic and toxic week this year and I felt that all my energy got zapped and all the inspiration I had are all gone. I’m still working on moving out from the rut and I’m glad I found this infographic about 12 things you need to do to stay […]

Workshop: Soaring with SOAR Framework

Being part of my husband’s brainchild, Pirkko & Troy Team Building Events, I want to bring more to the table by learning the ways deeper than what I currently have. My Mother In law who’s a consultant and an expert on Organization Development will be facilitating a 2-day workshop that will benefit any organization or […]

Team Building in Manila

Today I had a fulfilling event at Sacred Heart Hospital in Malolos, Bulacan where my husband, myself and my mother in law facilitated a team building event of 60 employees both medical and non medical staff. Everyone had fun all day long and most importantly, the higher management was able to participate with the activity […]

What is The Pay Difference Between Regular Holiday and Special Holiday

Most WAHMs follow declared national regular holidays and special holidays but for most of us, we do not get paid during holidays. Except if it was stipulated in the contract. If you’re wondering what’s the pay difference between a regular holiday and special holiday, here’s a nice infographic I got from my plurk friend:   […]

Getting Back To Working Mood

So a week after getting back from our 2-month vacation in the US, I’m now officially back in my working stance. It was so hard to get back in shape when 1. Jet lag is a killer. I am awake by 3AM and dead tired by 6PM and pushing it till 7PM, my mind shuts […]

How To Register A Business In The Philippines

We’re brewing a business plan that we hope we’ll be able to launch mid this year. I am so grateful I found this infographic on how Philippine businesses are registered.   Source: WAHM Manila Group in Facebook 

WAHM Tips: What’s Your Work Space Necessities?

A way to become successful in any career path you choose is to create a work space that fosters creativity, brain power and energy. Today, I decided to write down necessities for my work at home work space. These are the things that should always be within reach so I can function well as a […]

WAHM Tips: Put the Big Rocks First

Do you ever have one of those days when the day isn’t enough to finish all that’s listed on your to-do list? When you feel like you don’t know what tasks or errands to do first because the list seems unending? Today, I hope I can give you an inspiration or a light bulb moment […]

Need a Loan? Try

UPDATED 9/26/13 My husband and I are currently cooking up an online business which will fulfill my longtime dream. Although it’s an online business, it still requires a small amount of capital for some paper works and machines necessary to the business. As I was looking at our financial options, a friend suggested Lenddo wherein […]

How to Apply for a US Tourist Visa In the Philippines

This post is 1 month overdue but I hope it would still be of help to anyone who’s researching on US Visa for Filipino tourists and families or any aspiring resident of the Philippines. Note: This is strictly for those who wish to visit the US for a holiday/vacation and touristic purposes or for business. […]

Few Good Tips On How To Be Successful in Life From Bob Parsons

Someone emailed me this today and I think you would want to read about it too. It’s very inspiring and really got me going and toughed a bit today. Note: Terms of Reproduction of Bob Parsons® 16 Rules for Success in Business and Life in General Thank you for your interest in sharing/reproducing Bob Parsons’ 16 Rules. […]

How to Apply for a Work At Home Job?

I am writing this because of the recent development at work and I wanted to share a few tips on how to apply for a homebased position and let you in on what the employers are looking for. I’ve been working from home for 4 years and I’ve had my fair share of project application […]