Family Ties, How Important It Is

From time to time, we go back to the happy memories that we’ve had when we were little.  We look back at things we do with our cousins, siblings and other extended family members. We look back because we try to recreate something that made us happy while growing up. I don’t claim to have […]

My Cadbury Dairy Milk Story

I can’t type one more word in this post without thinking of grabbing my Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut bar from our fridge. That is insanely my poison. Give me a bar and we’ll be bffs forever! Anyway, my addiction to Cabdury Dairy Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut (wow, saying that is a […]

Dress Length Names & Description

Are you always guessing what the dress length is and how it looks? Here’s a nice info graphic about dress lengths that are commonly used to describe in girls’ dresses and women’s too.   I hope this infographic was able to help you identify the basic dress lengths that are usually used to describe dresses […]

Cute Infographic About Summer Dresses for Little Girls

Are you looking for a pretty summer dress for your little girl? Look at this awesome infographic about it!

Condo Living: Custom Cabinets & Bed Frames to Save Space

Finally, I have the time to write about our recent home renovations. We’re living in a condo and we wanted to have more space and to achieve that we needed wall cabinets and more storage areas. First our bedroom, this doubles as our home office and we used to have chunky office tables and computer […]

Adobe Creative Day- Just for Laughs

It’s the mid-week and I’m feeling the weekend vibe which makes me a bit lazy on my tasks so to keep me awake and creative, I watched this really nice video “prank” from Adobe. Ah, that made me laugh! Go on, share the smile!

June is Dengue Month- Protect Your Family from Dengue

The month of June has been declared Dengue Awareness Month in the Philippines to build public awareness on the preventive measures against the mosquito-borne viral disease. Dengue, already an all-year round disease, is more common during rainy days when there are more mosquito breeding sites.

Protect yourself this rainy season! Share the following tips to your family and friends.

Keeping Your Bones Healthy

A long time ago, you would have thought that milk for the bones are for the elderly. With recent studies, researches found out that individuals on their late 20s experience low bone density and at times resulting to lower back pains. I don’t need any studies at all since I’m already experiencing back pains and […]

Interesting Find: Fairy Doors in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Was looking at nice stuff in the Internet and I found these cute fairy doors that are so “in” at Ann Arbor, Michigan. Jonathan B. Wright, an illustrator, created the first fairy doors at his house while doing renovations. He made it for his daughters. {source} This is the first fairy door that Mr. Wright […]

Visiting the Endeavour at California Science Center

Apart from Disneyland, California Science Center was I think the best place that Peaches ever went to. She had the bestest time going around California Science Center and looking at the awesome science display.   There were several playroom/ activity room for the kids in all areas of the science center. Peaches enjoyed the one […]

How to Apply for a US Tourist Visa In the Philippines

This post is 1 month overdue but I hope it would still be of help to anyone who’s researching on US Visa for Filipino tourists and families or any aspiring resident of the Philippines. Note: This is strictly for those who wish to visit the US for a holiday/vacation and touristic purposes or for business. […]

Nanny Tip 2: It’s Your Business To Know Their Business

>Agree? I would want to know why my Nanny’s space out because whatever state she’s in, it’ll definitely affect how she’ll handle my child once I have my back turned on them. This topic’s hot in my household because of the recent event that has happened. For over a month now, Peaches and her nanny […]

What you should know before going to the Holy land

> First, think of your ultimate purpose. Are you there for a spiritual journey? Because Holy land is the Mecca of Christians and other pilgrims. Or you just want to visit sites for sight seeing? For shopping perhaps? See, Holy land tour is nothing close to any European trip you had. It’s not a comfortable […]