Our Experience With The New Pampers Dry 99.9% Skin Dryness Challenge

Mommies, this is our experience during the Pampers Skin Dry Challenge we went to but at the end I will share with you a discount code when you shop at Lazada! This little girl is my charming Luzy during the Pampers Event in Robinson’s Place Ermita. I was so happy to see that they had […]

Collect All 4 Designs of NIDO +5 Free Backpack

Mommies, when you buy your child’s Nido +5 or Nido +3 in 1.2kg pack, you will get a free backpack. The designs available are Sofia the First and Jake and the Neverland Pirate. Each of them has 2 designs that your kids will surely love. Here’s what my girls got:  The other designs are:   […]

November 2015 Promos and Savers at S&R

Today until November 30th, enjoy huge savings on these items at any branch of S&R! There’s always something to #loveSnR each time you visit them. December is fast approaching and don’t get stuck buying presents for your family and friends, start early if you can. Shop for your holiday parties too, it’s never too early […]

Is Your Baby’s Diaper 99% Working? If Not, Read This!

The most important part of choosing the best diaper for our baby is making sure that it provides dryness at all times, if not our babies will suffer from skin rashes that are very uncomfortable and at times painful. Have you checked how your diaper brand fare so far? Luzy’s diaper brand guaranteed dryness and […]

Get Your Halloween Party Started With S&R Candies and Treats

I always have this indescribable ‘high’ whenever we shop at our favorite S&R branch at Shaw Blvd. Maybe it’s the new Christmas decors that prettified the place and giving off that Christmas spirit early on or maybe because of the anticipation in shopping for good, quality products for my family and our home. This month […]

Nido Raffle Promo: Win a Family Trip to Osaka and More!

To join, simply purchase a specially marked NIDO 3+ 1.2kg or 1.6kg pack from participating Mercury Drugstores nationwide and look for the unique code on the inside of the pack sticker. Send the unique code by texting NIDO 3+ <PROMO CODE> to 5656. Participants will receive an automatic reply requiring validation of entry and all […]

First Quarter in Grade 2

Our girl made us even prouder parents today! Her report card came out and she’s got As and Ps for the academics and Ds and Es for her behaviour. If you’re wondering what these As and Ps and Ds and Es are… these are the new grading system implemented by DEPED and carried by all […]

Wall Climbing for Kids at R.O.X Serendra

Peaches and her friends went wall climbing at R.O.X Serendra once weekend. The girls had a blast most of them are first time climbers and they all took the challenge and got to the top. Rates are: Php 150 – one climb Php 500 (Php350 if discounted) – for unlimited climb Here are some photos […]

Affordable Healthy Gears and Deals for the Family

Husband is off to the gym for a good workout, kids are out sweating it at the playground and I’m doing my share of getting back in shape by walking around the neighborhood. As the family grows active, I realized the need to invest on quality gears like towels and water bottles, etc. My daughters […]

What Real Mommyhood Looks Like

My Mommyhood story is different than yours I’m pretty sure but that also tells me that even though we’re different, we Mommies are the same. We have the same challenges and struggles; only they take different forms. Some Mommies are stay-at-home Moms, some are working Moms and some are Work-at-home Moms. We face different routines everyday but […]

Our Experience with First Robotics Learning Center

I was really impressed by First Robotics and the classes they offer. The amenities are top of the line and high tech beyond my comprehension. I am happy that engineering lessons are being offered to young kids. The lessons are fun, challenging, and very well structured (literally!). Peaches had her trial class last weekend and […]

Araneta Center’s New Kia Theater Brings Us Disney Live Mickey’s Musical Festival

During the Disney Live presscon, I found out that Kia Theater where this amazing musical show is going to run, is actually newly structured from the old New Frontier Theater which at the time was the biggest theater. So Kia Theater’s first show is going to be Disney Live Mickey’s Musical Festival which will run from […]

How to Manage Stomach Flu with Kids

The past weeks my family has been dealing with a nasty stomach flu. It all started with Luzy. She was vomiting and looked a bit weaker than the usual. Next is Ate who’s had bouts of vomiting as well. The doctor said it must have been intolerance to something that the girls ate. It’s hard […]

DOH Confirmed 2nd Positive Case of MERS COV in the Philippines

Last week, news of foreigners with suspected MERS CoV were quarantined and tested at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM), was all over social media and news portals. You can’t help but worry for the sake of your family knowing how incapable our airport gadgets or machines are in terms of screening inbound passengers. […]

Judy Ann’s Kitchen: A Cookbook Designed by Judy Ann and Inspired by Her Life

Judy Ann Santos is probably one of the best actress of our time. She’s proven her acting skills countless of times and I really admire her not only as a versatile actress but also as a person, as a mother and as a wife. When Judy Ann started studying as a professional chef, I knew […]

Get Your First Family Photo from Pampers

Your little one’s firsts are one of the most exciting part of having a baby! Capture each of these moments and keep them as these are real treasures that will never fade. Yes, literally, photos nowadays can be made waterproof and can be restored too! Thanks to the ever improving technology. Pampers is having series […]

Paranoia as a Drug Abuse Side Effect

Few days ago, my husband and I rescued my best friend as he showed signs of paranoia and hallucination in one of the hotels down South. In our more than 20 years of friendship, I knew this was coming. I have seen it coming, in fact. You should too if you know of a person whose […]

What I Learned When My Second Baby Was Born

June 9 was when my second daughter was born. With her, new realizations came to life. New journey began as a Mother, as a wife and as a family. A year after her birth and the terrible ordeal post birth and post surgery I have to go through, I have learned so many things. I […]

First Time Eyeglasses for Little Girls

For a few weeks now, my Mom’s been bugging me to bring Peaches to an Ophthalmologist to have her eye checked. I have mentioned Peaches squinting and it seems that she couldn’t read letters well. My Mom knew this scenario too well. I was the same age as Peaches when I was brought to the […]

Building Stronger Foundation for Your Kids with Nutri10 Plus Multivitamins

The new school year is about to begin and as Moms like myself scramble to prepare for it, we tend to forget about one thing that will aid our kids in the big school. It’s their multivitamin supplement. As our kids step to a higher level, the challenges they face are harder too and they […]