What’s Your Daughter’s Recipe for Learning

Our Peaches’ recipe for learning are: A cup full of curiosity: (Satisfy their nature to ask, learn and discover) A spoonful of Self Love, Importance and Relevance A pinch or two of interest And a dash of traveling to learn and experience something new: Lastly, unlimited sillyness, love and companionship from Family & friends!   […]

Dress Length Names & Description

Are you always guessing what the dress length is and how it looks? Here’s a nice info graphic about dress lengths that are commonly used to describe in girls’ dresses and women’s too.   I hope this infographic was able to help you identify the basic dress lengths that are usually used to describe dresses […]

Cute Infographic About Summer Dresses for Little Girls

Are you looking for a pretty summer dress for your little girl? Look at this awesome infographic about it!

June is Dengue Month- Protect Your Family from Dengue

The month of June has been declared Dengue Awareness Month in the Philippines to build public awareness on the preventive measures against the mosquito-borne viral disease. Dengue, already an all-year round disease, is more common during rainy days when there are more mosquito breeding sites.

Protect yourself this rainy season! Share the following tips to your family and friends.

Extra Curricular Activities for Preschoolers

Today, June 17,  is the official start of my little girl’s first day in Kinder 2 and I’m really looking forward to the things we will both learn together. Things are looking good for this academic year. Our parent class representative created a Yahoo group for us and she’s been very helpful with quick updates […]

What’s The Meanest Thing You Said Today?

One of my goals this year is to be graceful, patient and open.  I find myself asking one question every night before I retire my sometimes over worked brain, “What’s the meanest thing I said today?”. Surprisingly though, after several nights of asking the same question, I’ve come to a point that I didn’t have […]

Visiting the Endeavour at California Science Center

Apart from Disneyland, California Science Center was I think the best place that Peaches ever went to. She had the bestest time going around California Science Center and looking at the awesome science display.   There were several playroom/ activity room for the kids in all areas of the science center. Peaches enjoyed the one […]

Nanny Tip 2: It’s Your Business To Know Their Business

>Agree? I would want to know why my Nanny’s space out because whatever state she’s in, it’ll definitely affect how she’ll handle my child once I have my back turned on them. This topic’s hot in my household because of the recent event that has happened. For over a month now, Peaches and her nanny […]