Cleaning Service for Ortigas Condominiums

Looking for an honest, trust worthy and reliable cleaner for your Ortigas condo? CMDA Cleaning Service is your best option. Click to know more!

Globe Telecom Recycling Phone Numbers

A few months ago, my husband and I were forced to switch our Sun postpaid account Globe because the signal inside our home was really terrible. My phone would show I have full signal but when you try calling it, it’ll say it’s out of service. Anyway, the issue I want to raise today is […]

Strengthening the Link Between the Past and the Present with Bingo

In this day and age of iPads and Galaxy Tabs, parents have deviated away from the classic yet equally entertaining game of bingo. But more than the chance of winning tons of prizes, the lifeblood of the game runs deep in the roots of our family tree. Played fondly by millions of people worldwide, bingo […]

My Cadbury Dairy Milk Story

I can’t type one more word in this post without thinking of grabbing my Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut bar from our fridge. That is insanely my poison. Give me a bar and we’ll be bffs forever! Anyway, my addiction to Cabdury Dairy Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut (wow, saying that is a […]

Need a Loan? Try

UPDATED 9/26/13 My husband and I are currently cooking up an online business which will fulfill my longtime dream. Although it’s an online business, it still requires a small amount of capital for some paper works and machines necessary to the business. As I was looking at our financial options, a friend suggested Lenddo wherein […]

Product Review: Vitress Leave-on Cuticle Coat

My husband and daughter both sport long hairs and both are equally vain. Troy ties his hair in a pony when going to work or business meetings. He uses Vitress leave on cuticle coat to keep his unruly hair in place. He likes the sleek look, he says. Problem he encountered with Vitress is that […]

Why Choose The Better Life If You Can Have The A! Life

That’s the tag line from the newest supplement offerings from Pascual Laboratories.  The supplements are targeted to women of all walks of life. Women are multi faceted. They take up many roles in life and squeeze those roles in a day. So a supplement created for women is nothing short of a heaven sent elixir. […]