>Peso to Dollar Exchange Rate


I know it will be easier to just Google Peso to Dollar exchange rate but what I’m giving you is today’s exchange rate on Philippine Money Changer, Sanry’s. 

From last week’s $1 = P46.20 

Today it was $1 = P45.40 

Dollar rate is going down each week and it’s hurting online workers like me. I wish market prices are parallel to the Dollar rate. I wonder if  fellow online workers demand higher pay when the Dollar rate is down? 

How about you, are you affected with the Dollar rate trending? 

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  1. MushaMommy Judy says:

    >I'm on the fence with this. As a locally employed mom, I want the dollar to go lower so that my peso's purchasing power will go up too.On the other hand, my husband's salary is dollar based so of course, higher conversion means more moolah. Really split down the middle, am I 🙂

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