Is this a cause for alarm? Should the child be brought to a Pediatrician?
These are the questions that my neighbor asked me when she told me her daughter isn’t speaking “articulate” words. She just grunts or say unintelligible words.

I told her I am not in the position to answer the questions because I am not with her child everyday and I am not an expert. But I did give her my opinion.

If the child understands your commands, point objects you refer to, look you in the eyes and obey you, I don’t think it’s a cause for alarm. There are really normal kids who are late talkers. I know some kids who talked at 3 plus years old and talked straight and the parents didn’t know how it happened but the kid just talked. It seems to me that the kid just absorbs everything then talks at his or her own time.

As parents, I understand the feeling of distress when we see or feel something’s different from our children. But really, we need to relax and chill a little. Let our kids be. Let them develop at their own pace. In reality, it’s the parents’ who can really assess the needs of their children. IF you feel like your child needs medical attention, do it. It’s you who can say because you are with the child everyday.

If the child shows temper tantrums, maybe it’s also a good idea to consult a specialist so you will be taught how to communicate with your child and lessen the child’s frustration. Frustration starts when the child could not express or communicate what he wants and it heightens when the adult fails to understand or address it.

Lastly, have a support system. Your situation is not isolated. There are other parents who are experiencing the same thing that you do. Look at community boards, forum, blogs, etc. Learn from their experiences and learn to share yours too.