Hello Moms,

I compiled Summer Activities for Kids all over Metro Manila and I hope you’ll find it helpful. Please feel free to email me or post in the comments area on summer activities that I’ve missed.

Bert Lozada Swim School
– Please refer to the official website (click link above) for the exact dates based on the location you prefer. Fees range from P5,000 – P5,500 including annual fee registration.
Batch 1:  March 28 – April 8
Batch 2:  April 11 – April 26
Batch 3:  April 27 – May 10
Batch 4:  May 11 – May 24
Batch 5:  May 25 – June 7

Milo summer sports clinic NCR schedule for schedules on the other part of the country, please click Milo Sports Clinic above.
Aqualogic Swim Co.

2011 TUITION FEES (effective April 2011) Annual Registration Fee: P500 per student
AQUABABES / AQUATOTS (Infant-Toddler Swimming)
P5,995/8 lessons (2x a week)     – 1 month
P6,395/8 lessons (once a week) – 2 months
AQUAKIDS (Teaching Kids to Swim)
P6,695/ 8 lessons (2 x a week)   – 1 month
P7,395/8 lessons (once a week) – 2 months
AQUATECH (Adult Stroke Technique)
P7,895/8 lessons (2x a week)  – 1 month
AQUAFITNESS (Water Aerobics)
P4,995/8 lessons (2x a week) – 1 month
AQUASYNC (Synchronized Swimming)
P4,995/8 lessons (2x a week) – 1 month

Summer Sabre Fencing Camp

– This camp is targeted for children aged 9 and above, and will run from April 5th to May 20th.

Olympians Taekwondo Training Center
The Younghusband Footbal Academy
The Younghusband Football Clinic. contact 0939-3398151
– martial arts for kids and adults too


UP College of Music Summer Extension Program
Halili Cruz School of Ballet
House of Dance

– cute! they have a baby ballet class for kids 3-5 years old
– ballet summer workshop

Center for Pop Music

– to hone your child’s star power
– lots of choices for kids 2 and above!
Galileo Enrichment Learning Program
– usually for kids 4-12 years old but there’s one parent-child art activity for P4,500
Make Believe Productions

– lots of choices from drama to dance classes
Berlitz (Kids)

– Raising a bilingual child? Try this!
– they’re offering 3 workshops: Book-making, Short story-writing and book illustrating lessons.

Powerbooks Power Book Camp
– very helpful to make kids love books even more


– Open to kids aged 7-12 years old.
Schedule: (1st batch) April 6-8; (2nd batch) April 13-15;

The Maya Kitchen

– Junior Culinary workshop (7-9 years old)
Young people cook in (for teens)

– all sorts of cooking and baking lessons for the kiddos!

– Cooking and baking lessons for kids aged 7 to 16 years old.

Enderun Junior Courses
Junior culinary courses

Center for Asian Culinary Studies’ Summer Recreational Classes


The Go Mom
The Go Mom
The (Mis)Adventure of Superboink!