I’m making my 2012 wishlist as early as today. It’s a source of motivation for me and a goal to make life better for me and my family. Although if I get any of them before the year ends, I will definitely be the happiest!

Here are the material and non material things I wish to have in 2012:

1. Nikon DSLR – I’m a blogger and I definitely need a good camera. I am also interested in learning photography and doing “art” out of the photos I take.


2. Blackberry- I feel that this is the phone for me. I’m tired of touchscreen and QWERTY is so user friendly.


3. Tennis and get my form back. I miss it and I ache to play again.



4. House with a garden- I miss living in a house where you can lounge around looking over a garden and just losing your thoughts with it. I also think that dealing with bad grass and bees are good problems 😀 What will I NOT do to have a bigger house and a garden….

Source: ehomedecor.net via Renz on Pinterest


I will continue with my wishlist as 2012 creeps in 😀

Please Universe, connive and make my wishes come true!