21 New Words Added on English Dictionary

This could be the oddest words added on the Oxford English dictionary (so far). 

And here the 21 New odd words are:

1) Frenemy -An enemy discussed as a friend
2) Cheeseball – A teenager acting like a child who thinks they are funny
3) Turduken – A deboned chicken stuffed inside a deboned duck that is then stuffed inside a turkey
4) Catastrophing – Exaggerating negative consequences
5) LBD– short for little black dress
6) Deleveraging– a process attempted by a business to reduce their debts
7) Tweetup– A real life meeting of people who use Twitter

8) Soft Skills-Personality attributes that enhance a person’s job performance
9) Staycation– A holiday or break that is near your home
10) Defriend-To remove someone off your friends list such as Facebook
11) Bromance– A close friendship between men that is not sexual
12) Matchy-matchy– Being excessively colour co-ordination with what you wear
13) Cool Hunter– Someone usually as part of their job to find out the latest trends
14) Overthink– To think about and analyze something too much
15) Hikikomori– Someone who locks themselves away from the outside world like a recluse. This is also a Japanese word.
16) Freemium– A business that offers a basic service(s) for free with an option to pay a premium for other services.
17) Chillax– To relax, take it easy, basically chill out!
18) Fussbudget– Somebody who constantly complains about small & pointless matters
19) Steampunk– A sci-fi fantasy that is set in an industrial 19th century
20) Bargainous– Something that costs less than it usually would do

21) Buzzkill – Something or someone that spoils an enjoyable event

I’m familiar with most of the words and I just can’t get over the fact  that they’ve been added on the English Dictionary! 

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