I’m on my 28th week and our baby DJ has gone from gentle flutter to vigorous kicking and punching. Sometimes (mostly at night) I feel DJ shivering or shaking inside my tummy. At first it was really disconcerting because it was a new feeling for me. I didn’t have any when I was pregnant with Peaches. I found out from the different Mommy forum I read that it’s not something to be of concern. It could be that I startled DJ or he/she had hiccups or was stretching and had muscle spasm.  Now I find it funny when I feel the shaking.

When Troy touches my belly, DJ would always find his palm and kick or punch. I guess because Troy’s hand generate heat and DJ can feel it’s his/her Dad. Did you ever experience such thing as well? Peaches was like that too, I remember.

I don’t feel like I’m on my 7th month though. Most days, I feel really well. I’m still bustling with energy and for most days would not feel sleepy at all. But on some rare days, I feel like the bed’s calling me and I owe it to my huge tummy to sleep in (all day!).  Only thing I can’t do these days is BEND! I can barely see my belly button too! You can say, I have a VERY PREGNANT belly.


Few more months and DJ’s about to pop! But before that, we still need to see his/her gender!

We’ve had 4 ultrasound so far and DJ has always found ways to hide his/her gender. The last time, he/she was holding on to his/her umbilical cord and riding it so we can’t see his/her middle part.

Good news though, he/she is doing well in terms of physical development as per our latest Congenital Anomaly Scan. I am due for another U/S on Friday or Saturday so I hope DJ will finally allow us to know his/her gender!