29 and Counting

Yes it’s my birthday and I turned 29 years old today. You can stop thinking about me being a Valentina now!lol.

I woke up early today and looked back on the past years and I know that I’ve had the best in life. I feel so blessed, happy and content.

My dear husband surprised me with a huuuuge bouquet and though I’m not a flower-kind-of-gal, I couldn’t wipe this silly smile on my face because of his gesture. I mean who wouldn’t be giddy with these?





















And then his second surprise was a cleaning lady he hired for a day so that I can relax for a bit today. HOW.SWEET.IS.THAT?!

So yes, I am still smiling.

Here’s a nice Valentine video every men should watch! This is so cute! Kudos to the people behind it and yes, Dove.

Happy Hearts Day y’all!

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