I was inspired by a friend when she shared with me her 30b430 goals. I had a nice time alone and thought, I too needs to list down my life goals and actually do something about it. Two days later, I am still half way through my list. The plotting and planning had been put off by work but I am hoping to get back on it as soon as I can. I will share my list to everyone (and my progress too!) once it’s done 🙂

My ultimate goal here is to inspire others to do the same. Assess yourself and listen to what your heart really desires. Live up to your dreams because life is indeed too short.

I am happy to say that there are 2 of my friends who were inspired with the 30b430 idea in fact my dear friend Kat (over at MotherFonker), finished plotting her 30b430 list and she has 5 months to cross out everything on her list! 🙂

See, it doesn’t have to be 30b430. It could be 50b450 or 35b435 as long as you write down your goals and set a time frame. I think after my 30b430 project, I will be moving on to my 40b440 🙂

How about you, are you ready to live up your dreams? Join me as I chase my 30b430 dreams!