Finally, my 30B430 dream list is complete! I can start my journey on doing everything on the list. I decided to share my progress,  hoping that at some point I will be able to inspire someone to do their own list. So rest assured that my 30B430 page will be  updated from time to time.
Just to put it in record, I’m 27 years old (when I started this) but in less than a month I’ll be turning 28 so it’s safe to say that I have 2 years to complete my 30B430 Dreams. It’s nice to have a list of goals to keep you in the right direction and to remind you of your purpose in life.

Please, please, please feel free to pitch in any help as I will be needing them. Here’s my 30B430 list:

1.Travel to the US and Europe —slated to do a Europe Marian Tour in November
– US Visa please be good to us!
*** 2013 US trip! 

2.Earn my first million
3.Give husband a nice surprise
4.Attain ideal weight  – 130lbs (20 lbs more to go!)
5.Run my first marathon

6.Play TENNIS again
– needs a tennis racket! 

7. Teach Peaches Tennis
8. Buy our own car
9. Buy a house under my name
10. Bungee jump– I did the longest zipline in Southeast Asia! Does this count?! 
11. Celebrate my birthday with 30-50 kids from an orphanage
12.Buy myself my first watch
– Yes, MY FIRST WATCH bought by yours truly

13.Travel to Nepal and see Mt. Everest — BOO! there’s a travel ban! 
14.Do Volunteer work
– Thinking of another charitable institution to help out with…

15. Attend praise and worship with the husband
16. 2nd honeymoon
17. Meet Ray, my boss
*** part of 2013 US Trip 🙂

18. Learn to bake and make our home smell like home
— Starting to learn! 



19.Set up a nice home office



20.Set up a small business
** taking off!!!

21.Visit the Philippine Festivals

22.Travel to Palawan (backpack)
— Coron here I come! 

23.Get checking account
24.Get time deposit for Peaches
25.Have 30 minutes exercise per day

26.Earn more! Save more
– got 1 more client 🙂 and he rocks!

27.Go to the Balloon Festival
28.Learn to drive

29.Write more, write well
– Read more, practice more

30.Increase dollar savings 


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