I just finished my daily chores.

I’ve finished washing Peaches’ clothes.

It had to be handwashed by Perla because she has

skin asthma and reacts badly to other detergents.

I am really one busy Mum everyday.

Peachypoop is 7months and a lot handful than I ever imagined.

There are days when I can’t tend the house because she’s too demanding.

At this point, I’ve come to really respect and appreciate

my previous helpers and yayas.

Never did I do these things for 24 years,

up until now.

It’s hard, but I get by each day.

But I can’t see myself doing these things forever.

I mean I’m the working mom type.

I don’t find self appreciation by tending the house and the baby.

but not to a point of hating it.

But really, I want to work and balance my life with my husband and kid.

I feel like all the things I learned at school at put to waste

if I didn’t work.

That’s my next step.

Let’s wait and see.