Oh wow, it has been that long?

Tell you what, it has been one of the best decisions I ever made.


It was not easy but I knew it was what I wanted and with some luck, I was able to sustain being a work at home mom (WAHM). I’ve had run ins with not so friendly clients and really scammy ones that I have learned to armed myself with the knowledge not to fall prey with online clients who only seek to get work done at dirt cheap price.

I was hired by an American online store owner who taught me what will become the foundation of my skills today. He took me under his wings even though I had ZERO skills set when it comes to online businesses. Years after, we both decided it was time for me to move on and help other online businesses as well. There was nothing more I can do to help since he was able to hire several US based employees and I trained them to do the work that I did for the past years. But hey, no regrets!

From then, I took in several clients doing the best I can to help them. The easiest to work with are those with physical stores who opted to create their online store as well. I’ve helped them manage inventories and shopping cart. Soon I was creating newsletters and sales letters for them too.

The Hardest and Easiest Work Come Later On…


The hardest to work with for me are clients who want to make it big by selling “online publication” that they got from ghost writers (like myself) or other professional writers they hire for cheap. I cannot will myself to market these content and passing on my client as the author and sole content creator.

Let me also talk about fellow online workers who feel threatened by seasoned freelancers. I’ve had a serious encounter with a set of Filipino online assistants that ganged up on me because I can do all their tasks in one day. I was hired by this UK based dentist employer to add to his existing set of virtual assistants. He got my resume as a referral from Virtual Staff Finder. I agreed to work full time since I felt that he was sincere with his marketing strategies and I knew that he was a real-deal dentist. I started working with them and naturally pitched in ideas that were regarded valuable by the client. I also gave suggestions on existing tasks or projects they had. For me it was a nice suggestion where the person involve can either take it or leave it. A week or so after, I was booted out on all of the company’s given emails and passwords. No reason at all. So I emailed the client and inquired what has happened. He told me that it has come to his attention that I was passing on my job/tasks to other assistants because they saw my resume posted in a website. The website was created by my friend who’s a fellow online worker and our portfolio were placed there to “showcase” our skills and there’s no way I could have hired someone to do my tasks. Why would I? Share the salary I have?

Turns out, one of the virtual assistant reported me and created this story of me passing on my tasks to other people. So absurd. I think she was jealous of my skills and the value that I bring in the business even though I was only working with them a few weeks. How can they say I was passing on to another person when we have daily meetings (voice) and I have been closely working with the client himself via chat or voice.

Virtual Staff Finder did not help me with my case even though I was wrongfully dismissed. They were of course FOR THE CLIENT even after presenting evidences that I WAS WORKING AS MYSELF. Today, I have heard of more horror stories far more than what I experienced from online job sites like OnlineJobsPH.

So if you’re thinking of becoming a work at home Mom and you want to find legit jobs, I suggest that you do the following:


1. Join Philippine Virtual Assistant Network in Facebook groups and other groups that will help you get leads on online jobs. Work in Freedom group where Moms like myself are all very helpful in giving tips, advice and support.

2. Always do your research. Google the client’s email and name and see if the business has a website and is legit.

3. Don’t work for free even if you’re sending in “test” tasks. A good employer will know your value and will pay you for the work you pass.

4. Don’t short change your skills. Know the tasks that are expected from you and your salary should be commensurate on the degree of brain cells you’ll be burning.

5. Do direct hiring or referral from a fellow online worker as much as possible.

Lastly, learn your trade and be the best of what you give. Never stop learning. You are paid well, you accepted your salary range so be happy and strive to add more value to your client so you can ask for a raise.

Soon you’ll find out what things work best for you. Time of the day where you are fully focused, type of tasks you love to do more of, tasks that tire you easily, etc. Learn all these and be a better work at home Mom.