Let’s say you’re in a tight budget and you just need to buy 9 products for your family, what are those?


This post is inspired by a question raised by my good friend, Kat and a post from Rappler.com

Many of our friends responded rice and food to be their number 1 priority. You will be surprised to know from rappler’s article that most Filipino people would buy detergent and or toothpaste first.

A friend of mine reasoned, ” My answer would depend on whether or not I’m employed or not. if i am not employed, food would be the top priority. if i am employed, hygiene products would be priority.”  I think it’s best to know that this friend, is single and has no kids to feed yet. He added, “Come on. can you really think of going to work without clean clothes and a clean body? and even if you dare do that, your boss won’t be happy.”

I guess we all have different priorities but I do get my friend’s point. The fact that you’re scrimping and needing to limit the things you buy to 9 items, the more reason you need to go to work and earn more. I’d rather go to work starving knowing at the end of the month or middle of the month, I’ll have money to spend.

Anyway, my 9 products I can’t live without and I’d still buy even if I have low funds are:

1. Rice

2. Vegetable

3. Milk

4. Bath Soap

5. Toothpaste

6. Detergent

7. Shampoo

8. Medicine

9. Bread


So what are your 9 products you can’t live without?