9th Italian Film Festival at the UP Film Institute – Videotheque


November 9 / Tue

5 p.m. – Unsane

With Argento’s trademark visual style, linked with one of his more coherent plots,Tenebrae follows an American writer who arrives in Rome only to find out that somebody is using his novels as the inspiration (and, occasionally, the means) of committing murder. As the death toll mounts the police are ever baffled, and the writer becomes more closely linked to the case.

7 p.m. – The Girl by the Lake

It is eight o’clock in the morning when Marta, biting a doughnut, is returning home after having slept at her aunt’s house. A truck stops: Mario, a mentally challenged local young man, convinces her to follow him to his farm. The alarm goes off immediately; Marta isonly six years old. Inspector Sanzio, an experienced policeman, who recently movedto that remote area comes to conduct the investigation aided by a younger colleague Siboldi, born in those valleys; but a crime of a different nature awaits them. Based onthe novel “Don’t look Back” by Karin Fossum.

November 10 / Wed

2:30 p.m. – Three Men and a Leg

Three friends leave Milan by car heading south. Two of them are married to two sisters, the third one is going to marry the third sister. The marriage is going to take place inthe villa of their vulgar but very rich father in law. They are also bringing him a work of modern art: a wooden leg worth millions even if it doesn’t look like it, during the journey everything happens.

5 p.m. – Almost Blue

Bologna, a serial killer commits murder in various areas of the city various students, who are found naked, tortured and covered with blood. He then assumes the identity of each victim in turn. Investigator Grazia Negro goes on his trail with the help of a blind young man, Simone Martini, who is able to intercept the killer’s voice through on the internet, while looking for his next victim in chat rooms.

7 p.m. – The Stendhal Syndrome

Anna Manni is a police woman trying to capture a vicious serial rapist and killer. The problem is that she suffers from “Stendhal’s syndrome”, a psychosomatic disease thatgives her dizziness and hallucinations when she is exposed to the sight of paintings and artistic masterpieces. When the maniac lures her into a trap inside Florence’s famous Uffizi museum, her troubles are just beginning.

November 11 / Thu

2:30 p.m. – Such is Life
Bancomat is a small time criminal, “specialized” in credit cards. One morning he was to be escorted from jail to the trial court by a young policeman, a frustrated aspiring writer. By chance he ends up disarmed and in the hands of his prisoner. Meanwhile another young, aspiring inventor of toys, who wanted to report the theft of his cararrives, however he gets kidnapped as well. The situation quickly turns for the worst: another police car notices what happened and chases after them. Then the unexpected happens, but continue their journey together and become friends finding out that it is not what it seems.

5 p.m. Ask Me if I’m Happy

Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo are three bestfriends who live in Milan and were bitten bythe acting bug. Like most actors however they are usually “resting” and take odd jobs: Giovanni works as a live model in the window of one of Milan’s department stores, Giacomo is a dubber and Aldo is an extra at the opera. They decide to stage Cyrano but rehearsals disrupted by a series of unforeseen events resulting in their friendship falling apart and each stews in his own juice. After three long years, Giacomo finally calls on Giovanni to tell him that Aldo is dying in his native Sicily.

7 p.m. – Night Before the Exams

The film is set in an Italian high school in the late 80s. It is the summer of 1989 and Luca and his mates are about to leave high school, as long as they pass their exams. Fully expecting never having to put up with his horrid literature teacher, Antonio Martinelli, again, Luca decides to tell him exactly what he thinks of him. But Professor Martinelli informs Luca that, owing to a colleague’s illness, he will now be in charge of the exams. Luca’s social life isn’t much better, although he has good friends. One night, at a party, Luca meets the girl of his dreams, Claudia, but before he can get her phone number, she is whisked away by her thuggish boyfriend Cesare. But Luca and Claudia will meet again, in a totally unpredictable way.

November 12 / Fri

2:30 p.m. – Hard Boiled Egg
Story of a young and shy Piero growing up in a popular area of Livomo (Leghom) that has the same name as Piero’s nickname (“Ovosodo” – “Boiled egg”) from his childhood until marriage and coming of age. Mostly a story about all the people that changed hislife: Giovanna, the teacher that pushes him to study, his best friend Tommaso, his great love Lisa who will definitively sail away. It’s also a story about all the disillusions andcompromises in finding one’s place in life.

5 p.m. – Ginger and Cinnamon

When Stefania breaks up with her boyfriend Andrea, she hardly realizes what the summer has in store for her. She winds up on vacation in a Greek resort ’isle of love’ with her 14-year-old niece. Unfortunately, her teenage niece has something more
than sun and surf on her mind; she decides that this Mediterranean paradise is where she will finally lose her virginity. However, in an ironic twist, the cute guy she has her eye out turns out to be none other than Andrea, her aunt’s ex-boyfriend. This light-hearted “comedy-of-errors” is a valuable lesson in what being a woman means at any age.

7 p.m. – Good Morning Heartache
Two filmmakers begin to track every intimate moment in the lives of struggling actor Giovanni and his wife, Lucia, who works freelance as film editor. Yet, this film study on precarious existence is suddenly shattered by deep emotion and simple human truth, as cruel as it is banal, when Giovanni walks out on Lucia and their infant right before the camera. The camera continues relentlessly filming the couple despite their unexpected real life crisis, stemming from the unwillingness of people to commit themselves to others, whether as employers or as life partners.

November 13 / Sat

2:30 p.m. – If I Were You
Andrea, an employee and a family man feeling suffocated by the life, dreams of being single and enjoying himself. Bebo Braschi-Lentini is a successful entrepreneur. He has a very strong character which alienates him from everybody around him–except his loyal secretary Veronica who, despite his behavior, adores him however she is not requited. Christian DJ hangs out with his friend Gegio in seedy venues or at couple-swapping parties. He is frustrated, does not have a penny to his name, unable to declare his affection to the woman he loves and dreams of putting on huge pop concerts. Oneday, Andrea, Bebo and Christian meet at a beach-front restaurant. Suddenly there is a flash in the sky and the three of them find themselves transformed into the life of the person whom each of them had just been admiring.

5 p.m. – We Can Do That
Nello is an out of work former trade unionist who has been sent to run a cooperative of mental patients who were released from Italy’s psychiatric hospitals when the government closed the hospitals down under the 1980’s Basaglia Law. Nello doesn’t like the overmedicated clients’ way of life at the cooperative and he seeks to find amore beneficial life for them and possibly learn a profession to suit their capabilities. By chance, two of the clients Gigio and Luca show an unusual and individualistic and artistic aptitude for installing parquet flooring. This newfound talent will benefit the cooperativein more than one way.

7 p.m. – Different From Whom
Piero is a brilliant 35 year old gay, committed to Remo and lives in a north-eastern city. In order to uphold gay rights he joins the center-left primary elections and wins themunexpectedly winding up as a candidate for mayor having to deal with prejudices ofthe opponents and his stunned party mates. How is it possible for a gay to become the mayor of a conservative northern city? To balance the whole thing his party assigns Adele to be his running mate, a moderate, against divorce, a living symbol of traditional values. From the very beginning of their campaign the two cannot get along and argueabout everything, but Remo, being more attuned to the feminine side, gives Piero tips onhow to win her over. Therefore Piero starts to woo her politically; however the situationgets out of hand when both start to feel attracted to each other.


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