As a parent who brings her child to Mass every Sunday, I’ve come to develop some sentiments that I hope others share.

1. If you bring your child to Church, sit on the area provided for families with children. If you’re not with a child, please do not sit or stay on the area provided for families with kids and then get irate when kids start misbehaving.

2. Parents should be responsible enough to restrain or call the child’s attention when he or she starts misbehaving.

3. Choirs please prepare songs that everyone can sing. Please choose song line up that’s familiar to everyone especially if you’re not providing any lyrics.

4. Please reserve your PDA on the streets or on other public places.

5. During Communion, please do not take the seats of the people who are still queuing.

6. Why are people leaving the church before the priest? Let the priest finish his recession.

7. Did you also know that you don’t have to dip your hands on the holy water when leaving the church? You only do it before entering to cleanse yourself before entering the house of the Lord.