Don’t you think so? Well, I really think that coffee keeps me pumped up for the entire day. With all the things I have to do, I need a little caffeine boost (okay, so sometimes I drink too much coffee). Today wasn’t an exception maybe tomorrow?
Anyway, my friend called up and asked for a quick meet up at a mall near my home. In less than an hour I was with her and since it was past lunch and we are both coffee addicts drinkers, we headed to the nearest coffee shop we could find– Gloria Jeans. 
I was initially going to order the Vanilla Caramel Chiller but when I asked how much coffee it has, the barista said, it was of minimal amount. Uh-oh. Not for me then.  
The barista recommended Voltage. It has a blend of milk, Vanilla, MORE Coffee and some black bits that I think are actually coffee bean-bits! It was a jolt for my friend but not for me. I’ve known some who adds 2 espresso shots with their Voltage so maybe next time I’ll try that.
The taste is on the bitter side as compared to the sweet taste of the other chillers or fraps. My friend added two packs of white sugar and it tasted better. So, if you want a bitter much kick, try it and lemme know how it was for you. 
But for me I’ll still stick with my Caramello by Bo’s & Caramel Frap/Caramel Machiatto by Starbucks.
And if on a tight budget (like I always do), Nescafe original blend it is.