I have witnessed how drug addiction can ruin one’s life, one’s family and one’s children. But this trade has gone so far and it saddens me to see more and more family fall from this old addiction. This choses no one. I’ve seen the old, the young, the rich and the poor get afflicted with this. I even battled against illegal drugs myself when my best friend started using it in high school. He got so hooked he barely had time to study. His mom was away and his dad was working too hard and when he’s home, he’s always drunk. It was up to me to pick my best friend from the where he was. We both struggled and at the end it was his decision that he’d had enough. That’s the biggest stepping stone from him. Saying he wants to get cleaned is a huge factor. We cannot force them (the addicted) to change ASAP. No matter how often we cry a river in front of them. It has to be their decision to stop using. Thank God, my best friend got through it. After almost 10 years, he stayed clean. And I am always the beaming proud best friend.

So now that PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency) is working their ass out to eradicate illegal drugs in the country, I am all out for them. I wish I could do more than just say I support them. But if you have any questions about illegal drugs, or if you may even want to report one, here’s the hot line:I hope Gen. Santiago and his team can over power our country’s Drug Lords.