>Sept 12, 2010 was our dear friends, Dan and Tine’s wedding day. Troy and Peaches were part of the entourage. Troy was Dan’s best man and Peaches was one of the flower girls. I didn’t know that Chinese Weddings are very elaborate and depending on how traditional the couple is, the rituals could be endless.

It was a really nice Chinese inspired wedding. It was our first time to attend one and we were amazed by their rich customs and traditions. We’ve known Dan and Tine for years already and yes, even Dan’s family but it never occurred to us how traditional they were.

During the wedding, Peaches was so happy to wear her flower girl princess dress (finally! after 2 months of waiting). She walked on her own when it was her turn on the aisle. We were so proud of her because she was so well behaved and so sociable. The photographers loved her for being so “game” on photo opps that during the reception you’ll see Peaches’ face all over Dan and Tine’s AVP (hahahha).

Say hi to our flower girl princess!

                       Peaches and Ate Patricia

The wedding started at 11:30 AM and the reception started 7:30 PM. Yes, there’s a huge time gap in between. It’s because as part of the Chinese Wedding tradition, the families should celebrate a tea party (or tea lunch) were the bride serves tea on her groom’s family and vice versa. 

90% of their guests are Filipino Chinese and so the couple had an English speaking  host that translates his spiel to Mandarin.

As part of the entourage we were always requested to meet them on several occasion like fittings and entourage practice. Peaches became comfortable with Dan (Dan is Peaches’ Godfather) and Tine that every time we tell her we’re going to meet the couple, Peaches becomes super excited. 🙂 Even after the event, Peaches still talks about Dan and Tine (plus the nice plush toy she got which Peaches named- Tinie).

And I didn’t know that even the entourage receives a Chinese red envelope as a THANK YOU gift from the couple and their families.

It was a feel good wedding and I enjoyed the day because it was spent with really close friends and new found ones.

I wish the couple a bountiful and happy married life!