>Add busy to that.

I’ve been doing blog hops too for the other blog I am in charged of (from my boss) and most of my friends here I still visit *cough* Tina, mate I’m still on your blog 🙂 I take a peek often and leave comments too.

I realized I owe it to my blog to at least update it since I’ve been getting where-are-yous from friends around the bloggyland. I’ve been around I just took a different name 🙂

You might be wondering how Peaches is doing, well she’s sporting a new look at this time. Her Granny took her to the salon a few days back and had her hair chopped– and now my baby girl looks like a baby boy. Thank goodness she has her earrings so people can still recognize that she’s a girl. (did I tell you T hates it when people mistake Peaches as a boy?)

Peaches also got goodies from my parents at the States. She received mess free color markers from Crayola and more Dora stuff (oh, she’s addicted to Dora and Barney). And my Mom gave her two pairs of slippers that Peaches could only wear when she’s 6 years old–great huh?

Last week was fun and crazy. I had to squeeze in bonding times with cousins, Ate A and M in between work scheds. M enrolled for culinary arts program and we’re calling him Chef M soon. I accompanied both cousins in preparation to M’s stay here in Manila. We had to furnish their newly acquired condo too. It was fun shopping for furnitures and what nots. But the best thing of all was my near faint when I saw how much culinary arts cost. Whew-whew!

Then summer has officially ended in this part of the world. This would also mean bye-bye to Peaches’ swim time >.< she has yet to wear the self floating swimsuit her Granny bought her from Europe.

Whew! that’s a lot to tell for today 🙂

I hope you missed me!