>My mind’s pretty much bothered by so many things (mostly work) but recently my MIL offered a pilgrimage tour on November 8-19 (please see above photo flyer) at the Holy land. My initial reaction was, weehuuhooo!!! Jump for joy thing..but when my FIL started asking questions like: Who will be left with Tutut (Peaches’ pet name) when everyone goes to work? The nanny? She can’t be left home alone with the nanny, right?
And so the reality sunk in…
He was right. I mean, isn’t that what I fought for from the start? To work from home so I can still eyeball my daughter and her nanny. Then I realized, this is one of the sacrifices I have to bear. Maybe next year then.

You think it ends there? Nah. MIL and Hubbie are both persistent. Well I don’t know about my MIL but she says she wants me to experience Holy land too (oh, I’m helping her with her research paper and it’s related with pilgrimage experiences), how sweet huh? But Hubbie knows it’s my deepest desire to visit the Holy land (it’s even on my bucketlist!) and he feels guilty because he’s been there, thrice (or more?and he’s leaving again for Holy land on October). So he came up with this idea of hiring another helper this time, stay in. So his plan was to have two nannies watching over Peaches to ensure all her needs are met. One can do the cooking and other house hold chores while the other focuses on Peaches and nothing else.
I thought really hard about this. I even asked opinions from several friends, Bes and my parents. They’re all GO for it.

But if you’re a Mom reading this, you’ll know my worries do not stop there. I don’t think I could last being away from my daughter for 12 long days!

In the end, I prayed hard and God told me it’s okay to let go of my worries because there are people willing to take care of things while I’m away.

So if you want to be a pilgrim with me, dial Troy’s (see photo flyer) number and inquire about the Holy land tour they’re offering. 🙂