I need not say that having a child is life changing. It’s a fact that everyone knows.
But it’s just overwhelming knowing how helpless a child could be.
Especially seeing how it is
for my own child.

Little children do not see their mothers in a fashion sense.
They do not mind the kind of jewelry their mother wear
nor the brand of clothes she buy
nor the amount of make-up she puts on.
Their little minds are oblivious to those things
that we adults tend to dwell so much
that our perception and expectation of beauty is clouded;
so they are actually better judges of a woman’s beauty
than most of us.

As a Mom, I realized that with motherhood comes self-sacrifice,
but with self-sacrifice comes humility,
with humility comes grace and
with grace comes true beauty.

Everynight I pray for my child’s safety.
I pray for my strength and wisdom
to be able to nourish my child
with this.
I pray for nothing more than the best
for my child.
But all in God’s will
and all in God’s time.

God is good. All the time.

For the husbands, love your wife.
She’s far more beautiful than rubies and diamonds.
Praise her and thank her for
raising your children.
For bearing them in their womb.
For risking her life for
for them
when she gave birth.
Love her more for being
your wife.