>I was sitting on P’s playmat watching t.v. while she was busy walking around the house making a big mess. She likes to do this as if imitating me when I do my usual house check. At some point I got so absorbed with the show that I was half listening to P’s blabbing and half watching the segment, when P went to me with a bottle of milk, sat on my legs and leaned her head on my shoulder. I put my arms around her and we were like that for several minutes. I tell you, it was the best several minutes of my life. I will cherish the moment and the feelings forever.

I guess it’s in her age now that she understands her needs of hugs and kisses; often she comes up to me and then I sense her needs. She might not be like that her whole life that’s why her hugs (or her needs) are always welcome.

Indeed the best things in life are for free.