>I once dated this cool guy back in college. He paid for everything on our date when I specifically told him it was okay to go dutch (because I am comfortable that way specially on first dates). Okay that was excusable. Besides he can afford it. LOL.

And then after a few more night outs and lunches, he told me ON THE PHONE that I should wait and let him open the car door for me when I get in and step out of his car. I asked him, What for?”
“It’s how things are done. Men should do it for the ladies.”, was the answer I got. “But I can perfectly let myself in and out of your car and.”, I insisted. “Let me do it, it’s a macho thing”, he said. “…silence..” “Oh and one more thing, why don’t you wear something light on nights that we watch movies. It looks better on girls to wear lighter outfit at night.” I heard him say. CLICK.

I never dated him again. Even after sending me flowers and chocolates. I avoided him. I told my yaya that when he calls I am always asleep, or out, or in the loo, or outside the universe! lol.

I mean what was that for? Was he gay to tell me what to wear? Or was he just too vain he wanted to be seen with the perfect girl in her perfect outfit? And what is that about men and being macho?