>We were invited to my Aunt’s place in General Santos City. It has been years since I last saw them and of course we obliged. They took us on a tour around the city specially T, it’s his first time to see the city. We ate lunch at Sarangani Highlands and gawddd the food is so glorious! How I wish I was able to capture some of the foodies we ate. One I really liked was the pantat with salsa…tsk sarap! The foodies are great plus the view is amazing! I hope the local tourism will boost their advertisements on these places!

This is at Gumasa, Glan uber white beach resort. Untouched. Unspoiled. Heavenly. I’m not a beach person, (T is!) but when I saw this beach! Say goodbye to Bora and Puerto!!! This is OHHLALALA! My guess, this place will be the next IT thing in Gensan. The only thing that hinders tourists from coming here (i think) is SECURITY. Maybe if the local government could assure SECURITY, this will be super PLUS to their tourism.

Argh! Look at these people! Wearing jeans on a beach?!….LOL. We did know we were going to Gumasa. But as I said, I don’t like beaches that much so I didn’t intend to bask on the sun (it was 2PM!)…If only I knew…

Here’s our Peachypoop enjoying her moment. She didn’t mind the sun. Thinking about it, she might love the sun and the water! Wuhooo, I might have a swimmer on my hand!

Ahhh…after a long walk on that sunny day, we had to rest. And I think Peaches wanted a rest too. Isn’t she so relieved? hehehheeee…

By mid-resting my arms and back are killing me! Peaches is so heavy. Daddy had to carry her instead. And a picture op! She looks tired noh?

Yeah, she really is tired! Look at the sungit face! LOL.

So off we go. (ngarsh! don’t mind that blue thingy peeking on my jeans! that’s my binder! LOL) Life is so simple at these places. My life was that simple once. Uncomplicated. Well-off. Secured. But life has it’s way of putting a joke on us. I never knew it was never gonna last. That fairytale life. Complications are bound to happen. It’s how we handle it that make us more humane.
Life now may be different from before. But it’s a new start. And it’s up to me to make it better….or more…make it work.