A Day At Bioessence Serenity Spa

My impression of Bioessence was that it’s a skin and slimming clinic, all of that changed when I was introduced to Bioessence’s Serenity spa which takes care of your body’s need for relaxation and pampering. I love the ambiance of their Serenity Spa at Connecticut St. which simply exudes calmness; reinforced by their friendly staff who are always ready and willing to assist you. I like that Serenity spa values your need for space and quiet time. The atmosphere provides you with the perfect place to de-stress, think and collect yourself while their well trained staff ease your tensed muscles or clears the impurities that manifested on your face.

With 51 branches nationwide be sure to visit a branch near you and experience the Bioessence way! You may call 0918-8BEAUTY for inquiries and appointments.



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  1. tatess says:

    we need to pamper ourselves once in a while and one of them is go to a spa .it gives us a feeling of freshness afterwards .the place is so peaceful and relaxing. thanks for the visit to Blog and Me.

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